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Silver Stars and Steel Xplosion Triumph for Steelband Panorama 2010

Trinidad and Tobago - Trinidad and Tobago’s National Panorama competition climaxed for yet another year, with Silver Stars and Steel Xplosion Steel Orchestras taking top honors in their categories on Carnival Saturday night in Port-of-Spain at the Queen’s Park Savannah. Along with bragging rights, both bands walked away with the approximate equivalent of USD $159,489 and USD $96,463, respectively.

In just under eight hours, twenty steel orchestras took the stage - ten each in medium and large categories - and delivered scintillating sounds on steel before thousands of fervent pan music lovers gathered. It would be nearing 3:00 a.m. local time before the final notes were played.

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Congrats to Silver Stars on putting on a great theater production for the panorama finals. Guess people are not into music so why bother with good arrangers the likes of Boogsie, Smooth, Pelham, Greenidge just to name a few or even the new upcoming young talent. Yes I'm bias but panorama suppose to be about music. What part of Silver Stars arrangement can we sing? What about using motifs for the tune to interpret an introduction must we now use gimmickry and movie and sound themes to win. Yes I may be ignorant and vex but Music wise how good is Silver Stars really guess panorama really gone.
Lol... i like you. :) Yuh talkin from yuh heart... and i understand what you sayin. I respect ur opinion.
I understand Korey Vincent. Silver Stars weren't the only band to put on a theatre production. Renegades, Valley Harps are two others that come immediately to mind. The fact is, and I totally agree with you is that up to now the Panorama is still a musical competition. No marks are given for theatre. If they were and perhaps they should be - say ten marks - then Silver Stars would have been given 11!

So that theatre, like crowd response, choice of tune and conductors are four "viewpoints" that carry no marks. They are certainly visuals which must impact psychologically on the judges. How then does one weigh partiality? Perhaps by awarding points for the "four" categories?

I enjoyed all of the performances and found in particular the competition in the medium category was more keen than the "bigger boys" . These does not mean I am in agreement with the awarding of marks in either category - I am not, at all!

For example, how can the judges justify 258 marks for Sforzata's performance of Andre White's arrangement of "Wild & Free" ? Well for starters, there was no theatre, no anticipated crowd response (there was an appreciative response after they played) and his (own) tune is virtually unknown. I never heard it on the airwaves. Yes he conducted and its a good thing he did so as to lead the judges - by the hand - to listen........and not just hear.

Indeed fresh, bold, creative and yes difficult was this arrangement which for me surpassed everything I heard in the medium category (& several in the large! ) and, although the players surely did their best, the arrangement was better suited to a bigger band, a band with ample mid range instruments, like my band Renegades.

In the large category, we were clearly the most improved thanks to the adept players - not the arrangement!

So, yes I agree with you in part. I have certainly been singing Pan Army and doing it Wild & Free :] !!
I am not a fan of any Steelband which gives me the opportunity to view all bands without bias. I like the majority of the audience found the performance of the winning band Silver Stars exciting and scintillating..The standing ovation received by patrons was well deserved. We ought to accept that bias is an expected natural human element. Congrats to all the performing bands !!
Yes. I deliberately waited this long to add my viewpoinrt. LISTEN to Silver Stars' tune NOW and compare it with the likes of All Stars, Desperadoes, Phase 2 or even Invaders. It makes one wonder whether quality of music is of any real importance in Panorama.
I totally agree with you Oba. For when I listen (rather than view) it indeed does make "one wonder whether quality of music is of any real importance in Panorama". Won't you agree that the trend over the last decade stress has been not so much WHAT is played as to HOW it was played? I have found so. Consider these two examples: All Stars Soca Warriors and Phase 11 Trini Gone Wild - did the musical content of these two performances alone earn them their high marks? Not for me.

In my view, last year I gave Silver Stars first place over Phase 11 Magic Drum because of their entrance even though when I choose to enjoy some pan music, I listen to the latter. The same applies this year with Pan Army - the sweetest piece of music for the whole Panorama. Silver Stars Battle Zone in one word was simply 'mechanical' especially when one LISTENS to the music rather than view the performance.

I take this opportunity to add that Renegades played in position 4 and was clearly the most improved band of the night. So that after Skiffle Bunch, Desperadoes and Redemption Sound Setters played I knew our name was not going to be called first. And by the time the Panorama was finished I knew we also conquered both Fonclaire and Harmonites as well.

For the first time in many years my placings of a tie for 4th position was in agreement with the judges, but not with 274 marks. Clearly marks that night were going "cent for three!" Correct me if I'm wrong, do you recall any panorama when 291 (or 491) marks were made? The nearest to this figure was 1987 when Phase 11 and Renegades were awarded 487 and 485 respectfully for Dis feelin' nice and Pan in A minor.

In the Medium Category, the competition was far more tight. That I am perplexed as to its eventual outcome is another story by itself!
you are right that's you'll opinion to me sliver stars did play good enough to win but to go so far as to say that bout
phase music you are way ooff base
Congratulations to Silver Stars on their Victory. I am glad to see that Silver Stars is back on the steel-band page.
To those who know the real story, the ascendency of Silver Stars should come as no surprise. The Pouchet family have always had the magic and SS has always had the sound. The only reason they were not really dominant (competition wise) in those early days is because the element of violence was very present in pan, and of course SS was considered a "social" band.
By the way, again to those who know the real story, pan from de west is still the best. What? Three west bands in the finals - all in the top five. You tell me.
So what's the real story?
I am completely out of the loop. I have not been home for a while and have not followed developments closely, so excuse the naive question. What are G-pans?
In a nutshell, G-Pans are an attempt to re-establish TnT's ownership of steelpan technology, primarily addressing the nation's immaturity in securing IP rights to the traditional instrument. To do so,a complete re-engineering of the traditional pan was conducted at the STeelpan Development Lab at UWI, treating with all of the limitations of the traditional form. The result is a new range of steelpan instruments, now patented in Trinidad and Tobago and in a patent pending phase through the Patent Cooperation Treaty ((PCT) worldwide. Prosecution of the patent is being pursued worldwide. See http:\\www.panadigm.com for more details (the site is a bit sluggish as it is being reworked). See also the attached:


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