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Since the introduction of the players stipend, Have any of the Foreign and Expat players receive any payment or they do it for love of Pan and Culture ?

Have any of the Foreign and Expat Pan Players ever receive any players stipend for playing in Panorama since the  Players remittance was instated, After all i am sure their names were submitted to Pantrinbago for Payment and the majority of them leave soon after Carnival  before any Prize Monies is distributed. So  what happens to that money, Is it keep by Pantrinbago or the bands for when the players return the next year or no payment is ever made to these players because they just come for Panorama to play for free with no intension of receiving any stipends?. 

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   do the foreign players  have to apply for a work permit to get paid??

Are Caribbean players considered foreign?

I can't speak for all bands with foreign players,but I do know of some who paid their foreign players from their own funds and even transferred via Western Union to others.

What a great question Mercer Ramdoo

For those looking to ban foreign players, should we ban foreign arrangers too?  How about foreign tuners?

Matter of fact.....please define "foreign"


Panrebel it would be absurd to ban foreigners be it players,arrangers or tuners. Many locals in these mentioned fields do well for themselves in foreign countries, many times even better than at home, so their has to be reciprocation.

Mr. Clarke: Yuh better explain what the meaning of the word RECIPROCATION is to the PARTY FAITHFUL on THIS FORUM. That is ah hard word for them to understand even when they are doing many times better in foreign countries than at home!!!


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