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Six Steel Orchestras vie for 2012 UK Panorama Championship Title this Saturday

Global Six of the UK’s most noted steel orchestras will put their best musical notes forward, in the annual tournament of bands coming together in their efforts to cop the prestigious title of Panorama champs. Five will endeavor to wrest the title from the 2011 champions, Mangrove Steel Band. With instruments tuned by Dudley Dickson and returning with champion arranger André White, Mangrove takes the stage first in the competition playing Faye-Ann Lyons’ & Baron’s All Over as their tune of choice.
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Last time I checked, Delphina James was an Ebony member! Lol

Lol, indeed - edited, thanks!

No problem

Best of luck to all competitors.

Good tune of choice by Mangrove. I wish someone were playing that in BK.

Good luck to all the bands...you are all champs...big up!!!

Good Luck to all Steel Orchestras at London's 2012 Panorama.

Food for thought: Jit Samaroo took from 1972 to 1978 before he qualified Renegades for the Panorama Finals in Trinidad. They both went on to win 9 times, placed 3 seconds and 3 thirds from 1980 through 1997. Nuture your own; if we keep hiring big name arrangers what will become of the young and upcoming?


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