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I don't think they even listened to the calypso!


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Nah man allyuh too rough on dem...I'm hearing some interesting, progressive music here...plus it's a large band...yuh must expect big big volume..

Totally disagree with all negative comments re Skiffle's rendition of "Good morning ". It was excellent and tightly executed. It was a good morning throughout the arrangement. Nothing was lost.
Listen to the tune again, yeah, the whole thing, one more time.

Patrick: I will listen to the song again TONIGHT. Because -- as Sabrina said -- I don't like so much noise in meh head in de MORNING! And as Roderick Aqui intimated: that might be GOOD NIGHT 2017 for them.

I listen again to Skiffle. The arrangement is good. And there are some very interesting parts. It's the audio that is very bad. It doesn't do them any justice. I am back on the Skiffle band wagon. The NY boys will rock the boat in a good way.


Bugs I'm all for splitting up the NY boys.

Don't worry Cecil they will work out the disjointed parts before the semi finals.


Oh yeah Phase II is deadly this year....

Tell them merrytones.  the melody is forever present,not to mention those Bass pans.

Oh Lord boy...and All Stars too...

merrytones, ah man just tell meh that Phase ll bass lines is like ah big bottom woman farting, it NASTY. That was too good for me to keep to myself. lolololol, he's correct.

nah boy dah fart too sweet...lol

merrytonestothebone: I have not listened to PHASE II as yet (after listening to SKIFFLE I almost decided to BYPASS the whole PANORAMA TING) but as a CALYPSO LOVER I made an attempt to listen to RED WHITE and BLACK. The little bit of music I heard was BRILLIANT. But it was so excruciatingly painful to listen to that vocalist and the forced lyrical argument that I just cut off the song on two tries. Thought about bringing it over here to discuss it but decided against that. However, I did want to say that BOOGSIE should have done that song as an INSTRUMENTAL because from the little I permitted myself to hear it seemed to be going down MY ROAD.

Yuh forcing meh to go and listen to more PAN!


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