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I don't think they even listened to the calypso!


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All I have to say is RENEGADES!!!!!! That is the way to start any morning. ;-) WAKE UP PEOPLE!


You said “RENEGADES”.  I guess you have said it all.

This is what I meant when I initially said Renegades is on point.

I can tell you love fantastic Panorama pan!  


Listen to Skiffle again.

I tried!

Sabrina, so what do you think about STARLIFT when it comes to a GOOD MORNING?

I liked Starlift a lot! Robert did some homework. However, some more work and creativity needs to be applied in order to outshine the rest. Let's not forget, 5 bands are playing that tune. Duvonne really captures the mood, the key, and the sweetness of the original tune, from beginning to end. The arrangement is very engaging!

Sabrina: You express yourself with such clarity and authority on PAN MUSIC that you are sending me back to listen to RENEGADES in FULL THIS TIME.

I am a founding member of skiffle, so you don know I love my band, but I cant tell if they were playing good morning or goodbye. I am very disappointed with them.

carlton I'm feeling your pain,Skiffle seem to be a well run steelband it won't be long before it all come together.

After listening to the bands again through a different technical device, Skiffle was redeemed, in my eyes. Although, I still think that the arrangement is a bit congested. However, it wasn't bad at all. There is still ample time to make changes, add, subtract, and edit for the semi- finals. Hopefully, the arrangement will acquire a better groove by then.

I like your dynamism, Sabrina!!! You should lend me that "different technical device".



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