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So I think that MARCUS ASH and BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE should come on THIS FORUM and tell us exactly how much was on that PAY-PER-VIEW CHEQUE. Ah forget GREGORY LINDSAY is the NEW PRO!!!

One man say that is was it $90,000 ah next man say $150,000 -- ah doh know who to believe. Reminds me of the David Rudder Calypso: PANAMA!!!

So MARCUS or BEVERLEY (or GREGORY): Please show some TRANSPARENCY and come on THIS FORUM and tell us exactly how much the CHEQUE was for, PRETTY PLEASE!!!

Some say that she get MILLIONS

Ah hear they mention BILLIONS ...

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So is The Bev looking for a sponsor with advance with guaranteed money for the broadcast rights to Panorama 2020?


Well, what they learnt from the WHOLE 2019  exercise is that there is a DECENT MARKET out there for THE PRODUCT. So it is up to BEVERLEY and WACK to work out some WORLD CLASS PRODUCTION DETAILS.

More than ever now, there needs to be some effort made to integrate all the FORCES to work together (EXPAT & LOCAL) -- but that is a TOUGH BATTLE. Because THE DIVISIONS ARE VERY GREAT!!!

What percent goes to the Bands?

What percent goes to the Players?


Claude:  Whatever the amount of the cheque, that does not explain the lack of transparency with Pan Trinbago.  I would hate to wait until we are approaching Panorama 2020 for Pan Trinbago to tell us what they have been doing since the last Panorama.

Tell us sooner, not later!!!


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