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So if Cecil Hinkson is successful in bringing the CODRINGTON PAN FAMILY to perform in NORTH AMERICA, what three songs would you like to hear in their repertoire?

As Bob Diaz pointed out, you have to be very careful in your song selection if you want to capture these "outside" audiences. Since most of the posters are living here and are familiar with American tastes in music -- what three songs would you recommend that the CODRINGTON PAN FAMILY perform to mesmerize American audiences and garner rave reviews from the media gaining momentum as they cross the country?


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I would like them to play Classical Music and hook up with a Symphony Orchestra in North America,

Bede, I think what they do with conventional instruments and Pan is good enough to blow away and audience, what I will like to see them add is voices.

I am NOT looking to bring the Codrington Pan Family to North America, I just put the WORD out that they are looking for a Business Manager, so that they can share their talent with the world, and also a sponsor to assist them.

I've said it before this band is ready for the big times, what they need is the right people to make it happen, they will mesmerize any audience with their talent.


I would like that the versatility of the pan be demonstrated with songs from a variety of genres, e.g. religious, calypso, soca, classical, jazz, reggae, parang, etc,    There is a need to showcase both pan and pannists performing these songs.

This would be an AWESOME opportunity to showcase the versatility of our pan and pannists by demonstrating songs of almost every genre of music.  Selections could be jazz, calypso, soca, gospel, religious, jazz, reggae, mento, classical, contemporary, rap etc.  Let's bring this indigenous instrument to the forefront in North America. 


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