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So if KENDALL WILLIAMS could only MAKE 5TH in NEW YORK -- Why is he going to TRINIDAD and especially TOBAGO for PANORAMA!!!

I am advising KENDALL WILLIAMS to skip the trip to 2020 PANORAMA down in T&T and give himself some more UPSIDE by staying in NEW YORK and producing a GLOBAL QUALITY PAN ALBUM.

He already been down to TRINIDAD and captured the MUSICAL VIBRATIONS of the NATION. So do like ANDY NARELL now and compose some CROSSOVER PAN MUSIC for GLOBAL AUDIENCES.

In other words: Don't waste your time with DEM PANORAMA JUDGES!!!

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Winning a panorama in T&T is attractive to an arranger from outside.

... and you think that THE TRINIDAD JUDGES and PAN TRINBAGO will let some FOREIGN ARRANGER come in to TRINIDAD and beat all the TRINIDAD BANDS?

I think that we are 50 years socially and culturally removed from that kind of MATURITY!!!

Ah hope ah live to be 121 years to see that!!!


With the increase quality in live streaming audio and video  "teifing ah win"will become more difficult as the whole world will be watching. Unless of course the stream is completely turned off like in New York's panorama last night. 




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