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“So is Panorama only for the finalist in the small, medium and large categories? - Rio Claro band faces bleak Panorama future

Trinidad Newsday

THEY may not have won titles but since 1973, Rio Claro Koskeros has featured prominently in the Panorama scene.

With the first phase of judging for small bands for Panorama scheduled to take place in the south on January 22, Koskeros leader Kenny Pascal is not sure he will be able to field enough players to take part this year now that the incentive has been taken away.

Pan Trinbago president Beverly Ramsey-Moore recently announced the inability of the pan body to pay player’s a stipend for 2019 and 2020.

Pascal yesterday asked about the 2018 stipend. He said his unsponsored band, the only one between Mayaro and San Fernando that competed at Panorama, was made up of mainly young players who were looking forward to the stipend of $1,000.

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It look as if BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE only representing the "ONE PERCENT" and her own POCKET and GLORY.

And all dem lil small country band drive all the way to town to vote for this woman in office.


"[But] How much cake sale I can have to encourage people to come out and buy to meet the first phase of judging in less than 20 days?”

You should go home and apply for Ramsey's Post. You seem to have all the answers. Surely, The $1,000 stipend is a point of contention... That amenity was implemented a few years ago. It certainly was not an issue before. Steel orchestras had to pay its players (or not).... $1,000 Multiplied by 120 Equals 120,000 , per Steel Orchestra. We have the most steel orchestras in the world..Some are mysteriously formed around Panorama time, further compounding the situation. To me, there is no easy fix. Bands may have to "bite the bullet'.

I saw someone apply the following parable to this very topic, and I think it sums it all up perfectly: An old man began to pay the kids who would play on his front lawn, and every month he would pay them less and less until he paid them no more, at which point they stopped playing on his lawn, which was his goal.

Point being, people play for panorama for many reasons, not just financial; for fun, for pride, for the social aspect, because their parents make them, whatever. It's only once the powers-that-be ascribe a monetary value to it does it suddenly become some sort of toil for which a salary is now expected. And strangely, when that remittance is taken away, all of a sudden the other reasons for taking part are apparently not enough, though they once were.

Yet they play and others get paid. Sumptin wrong wid dat picture.

Isn't ascribing a monetary value to your work, skill or contribution part of progress?



If some are "mysteriously formed" and that is a problem, then PT, not Claude, has to fix dat. If the stipend is a problem, making it difficult for bands to get players, then someone in authority has to fix dat, not Claude. Claude, like everyone else, has opinions and offers suggestions and solutions, to take or not to take.

The people voting, not for what they want, but for what they get, and what they get, they gotta take dat in dey pweffen.

Everybody want money first, and want to learn to play the pan after.
I am sure that this will work for the Panmen & Women.
Now I just don't understand what is going on, It seen to me that there are a lot of stupid people in the place,
Who play's the pan? Without the Panmen and Panwomen the Arranger tune would not be heard,The tuner pan would not be heard,Then there are the driller master he would have nobody to driller,The same goes for the transportation.
All goes with the panmen & panwomen and why the Arranger don't pay the Driller Master,Is the Arranger tune,And he should be working under the Arranger,So the arranger should pay the driller master.
Now back to the panmen & panwomen.Ok Arranger $30.000 He paying the Driller Master,Pan Tuner$15.000.Tranportation
$400. to $8.000 per trip. That give a surplus of $18.200.
With that the panmen & pan women should get paid for the panorama,You can't expect that panmen & panwomen will play for the Panorama for FREE.Who ever gave you all that idea.

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This is one of the healthiest topic discussions I have seen on THIS FORUM in a very long time. At this point nothing is going to change in terms of how this 2019 PANORAMA is going to unfold.

But long before BEVERLEY took charge of this organization, I have been espousing the need for a MARKETING AGENT for PAN TRINBAGO. I have gone so far as to PROFILE the AGENT. And with the new level of financial stress on the organization -- I have to upgrade that idea to a MARKETING TEAM now.

Keron Valentine and Robert Amar and Lawford Dupres were all going to put an emphasis in that arena.

If Beverley Ramsey-Moore could rise above herself after the PANORAMA and call in the above three along with Ainsworth Mohammed to put ah "ALL AH WE IS ONE" team to REBUILD the organization we could all be singing a different song by PANORAMA 2020.

But the truth is that outside of Marcus Ash (and he is already busy with his own EDUCATION MINISTRY) there is nobody on that staff or executive or newly hired team of advisers who could implement a successful Marketing Strategy to bring the organization back to life by PANORAMA 2020.

The ball is in the PRESIDENT'S COURT!!!

The "dependency syndrome" killing we, check out birdsong business model.

Our goal in Re-imagining the SteelBand requires a new paradigm in organization.


Pan Trinbago is a cultural organization trying to function as a business operation, you can't fit square pegs in round holes.

Very interesting. "A cultural organization trying to function as a business operation" Shucks, I always thought this steelband business was a business. Masquerading with Pres., Treas, secy, ttee and some CEOs, Allyuh coulda fool me.


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