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So let me see if I get this right that on PANORAMA FINALS NIGHT 2018 some players played with MORE than ONE BAND on the same SAVANNAH STAGE in the LARGE BAND CATEGORY

There were 10 BANDS in THE FINALS. Am I to understand that some players played for RENEGADES and then they went and CHANGE CLOTHES and played for maybe SKIFFLE or PHASE II or INVADERS or ALL STARS or SUPERNOVAS or EXODUS or STARLIFT or SILVER STARS or DESPERADOES?

Or that by the time EXODUS and DESPERADOES and INVADERS were getting ready to perform that some of the players had already played for ONE or TWO or THREE or FOUR of the previous bands IN THIS SAME COMPETITION?

I try to understand the nature of the UNIVERSE but like this harder to understand than that!!! I am more likely to believe in RUSSIAN COLLUSION than this PANORAMA COLLUSION.

So if a player happened to play for RENEGADES and SKIFFLE -- as soon as he hear them announce SKIFFLE in second place, he run by RENEGADES and start JUMPING UP CELEBRATING the VICTORY over HIMSELF?

Nah, merrytonestothebone!!! Yuh go have to give SOME PROOF on this one!!! Ah does swallow plenty CONSPIRACY THEORIES and ah does even make up my own (especially about CRIME in TRINIDAD) but I cannot BUY THIS STORY from you!!!

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Merrytone they need to stop promoting Panorama as a competition if one can play for more than one band.


Aye Bugs , we Celtics fan doh live in a bubble , like some pan people , we live in the real world.

This year was a bonus , after Kyrie went down.

The plan was for next year , and further on, when allyuh boy Lebron start showing his age .

Don't you know the big plan was to out wait Lebron , then take over the east when he's done?

Unlike some of us Trinis , Ainge and company are thinking for the long term.

Maybe there is a lesson to be learnt ?

Cool Glennroy.

As long as y'all know this not your year. I find your plan quite reasonable - unlike that Cecil fella. All year they were bragging about how Toronto was built to beat Lebron. Now look what happened. Lebron spank them again and they fire their coach. Imagine that. And man might win coach of the year. eh eh...

Serious Pan lessons here. 


Is merrytonestothebone prepared to appear before an NCC SELECT COMMITTEE to testify against CORRUPTION AMONG PAN PLAYERS IN PANORAMA? These fraudulent crimes against the state should be brought to the attention of THE COMMISSIONER OF THE NCC, THE CHAIRMAN OF THE NCC and THE MINISTER OF CULTURE who appointed both "DOLLAR WINE" and "LITTLE BLACK BOY" to these positions!!!

These are serious charges!!! But up to now the PLAINTIFF has provided ZERO EVIDENCE to support his accusations against the SACRED BODY OF STEELBAND: PAN TRINBAGO!!! Led by the SECOND GREATEST POLITICIAN in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. I had to temporarily demote THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ after TRUMP freed those THREE HOSTAGES and seems to be headed to a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. IMAGINE THAT!!!

Claude...If I know it will make a difference and I'm called I will appear...But then again video evidence could prove my case. So they don't need to call anyone to testify. Just this year a top flight Medium category arranger played in the front line for a big name Large band. He was on TV for all to see. Now while there is no rule against an arranger playing wit another band...Is that any way to compete? Should that have been allowed?

And one more thing..."Little Black Boy" knew of the goings on while he was a minister...

This has been public knowledge for years ..what a shame..

Thanks for the contribution, Mr. Gill!!! You saved merrytonestothebone's credibility with conviction.

This has been public knowledge for years, it is the society we live in today all about the $$$. If your players are not duly compensated and some has families who depend on their income, the players in this instance is as a mother cougar with pups they will find a way to accumulate as much income as possible to care for their family or in some instances families(facts of life today).

merrytonestothebone: I am not getting involved in your personal pan issues anymore.  Yuh big supporters (Kelvin and Michael) show up and telling me THAT IS OLD NEWS -- EVERYBODY KNOW THAT YEARS NOW. And for all the time I spend on this forum I shoulda know that.

Ah going and lime with CECIL HINKSON -- we doh care how much man beat for how much band!!! Dat been going on for SO LONG why try to FIX IT NOW!!!

To Whom  it May Concern; A pan player is a musician, why should anyone limit him/her to one gig in the height of the season. This should not be surprising to anyone because they produce a lot of excellent pannist today in T&T why prevent them from earning a dollar. This is what the game is like today....

Cecil this is a competition? And there are prizes to be won and lost?

How can one compete against itself?

So is okay for a band to enter the competition twice under different  names with the same players and a different tune of choice and different panyard addresses?


Yes Cecil and that is why a certain steelband (ah won't name them) was recently held to ransome by the same crackshots yuh so proud of...


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