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So let me see if I get this right that on PANORAMA FINALS NIGHT 2018 some players played with MORE than ONE BAND on the same SAVANNAH STAGE in the LARGE BAND CATEGORY

There were 10 BANDS in THE FINALS. Am I to understand that some players played for RENEGADES and then they went and CHANGE CLOTHES and played for maybe SKIFFLE or PHASE II or INVADERS or ALL STARS or SUPERNOVAS or EXODUS or STARLIFT or SILVER STARS or DESPERADOES?

Or that by the time EXODUS and DESPERADOES and INVADERS were getting ready to perform that some of the players had already played for ONE or TWO or THREE or FOUR of the previous bands IN THIS SAME COMPETITION?

I try to understand the nature of the UNIVERSE but like this harder to understand than that!!! I am more likely to believe in RUSSIAN COLLUSION than this PANORAMA COLLUSION.

So if a player happened to play for RENEGADES and SKIFFLE -- as soon as he hear them announce SKIFFLE in second place, he run by RENEGADES and start JUMPING UP CELEBRATING the VICTORY over HIMSELF?

Nah, merrytonestothebone!!! Yuh go have to give SOME PROOF on this one!!! Ah does swallow plenty CONSPIRACY THEORIES and ah does even make up my own (especially about CRIME in TRINIDAD) but I cannot BUY THIS STORY from you!!!

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Actually I was quoting directly from the published rules for the Panorama Competition :
4.4 (b) Players shall be authorised to perform with only one (1) steelband in the competition.
I myself know quite a few such panist who play with multiple bands, because 1 they are that skilled and 2, because they want/need to earn more. They tell me that "everyone" is aware of them flaunting the rules, but no one regulates to enforce it.

There you have it...This is Trinidad bro...Anything goes here...

Indeed.  I will try to find the link, but I recall an interview on PBS (?) where a US career diplomat, near the end, who worked in the State Department stationed all-over the world.  He was asked what he thought was his favourite and most democratic place he had worked.  He responded, "T&T".  The host was somewhat taken aback and responded, "really, not the USA".  He said, "The people of T&T lime and party like no others.  And they are the freest-minded people in the world.  Anything goes there, sometimes borderline illicit, but it goes on as long as one gets away with it."  The host pressed for more, "you mean illegal activities".  He responded  diplomatically, "that's all I am going to say on that subject, I've said enough".  I smiled when I heard all of that.  We Like It So, We Freeeee...

What we seldom acknowledge, however, is that everything ‘free’ has a cost.


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