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So who is the genius who is responsible for not broadcasting the Junior Panorama?

Really? I'm mean really? Does it take smarts to invest in your own future?

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Go to the following website....they are in the process of uploading the audio...


merrytones, soundcloud has the best audio, but we are so used to video, it is difficult to just sit and listen.

I don't Merrytones, this getting "curiouser and curiouser"... Anything bad in Trinidad and Tobago I can get feed to see it anywhere in the world. In full HD.  Now here Trinidad's version of America's Got Talent and I can't get no feed. I wanna know who is responsible?


What can we expect if they treat single pan and small bands as outside children do we really thing they will treat the jrs any different

London Gabriel the school children has more appeal to a global audience.

Does the Junior Panorama only include Secondary and Elite schools categories? Were there any uploads of the performances by the babies in that competition - by the students from the Primary category?

Bugs, the WACK people has been doing an excellent job streaming this year, I hope they see the need to stream this event in 2019.

I don't know Cecil.  WACK took on the Calypso Fiesta on Saturday and their system broke down.  This is what they have on their site 

WACK FM apologises for the many technical difficulties experienced during the paid broadcast of Calypso Semi Finals competition on 3rd February, 2018. Efforts are being made to consider alternate methods in broadcasting culture worldwide in the coming future.

The bottom line is there are companies like Advance Dynamics or the company that does the videos for Supernovas Steel Orchestra that can do the job.  Pan Trinbago just refuse to pay full price, or pay anything at all in some cases for proper services to be rendered, and behave like Industry Professionals.

No disrespect to WACK. but the Calypso Fiesta or Panorama is not the place for amateurs to practice and figure out if they can do the job.


"Pan Trinbago just refuse to pay full price, or pay anything at all in some cases for proper services to be rendered, and behave like Industry Professionals."

bugs: why yuh always saying something NEGATIVE about THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ and PAN TRINBAGO?

Diaz and Forteau know that they cannot make no PROFIT off that broadcast -- so they don't want no part of it. Ah went on WACK to listen to the CALYPSO and ah see ah set ah people cussing that they pay dey money and could NOT SEE NOTHING. So ah end up listening on I95.5 -- ah wonder how the PANORAMA BROADCAST on Saturday will be presented?

Claude tell Rolly Polly that Trump still has Guantanamo open.  Messing with the Panorama would be considered an international act of terrorism in the first degree. To WACK's credit they seem to have removed any mention of Panorama and  20 dollars USA. Dem is little gangstas. But Rolly Polly, that's another story.


Fron what I understand it is the Ministry of Education that is responsible for Junior Panorama...

Allyuh really LOVE PAN, boy!!! After RENEGADES and ALL STARS and PHASE II and SKIFFLE -- I done!!! Ah cyar even make it through the next SIX LARGE BANDS in the PANORAMA. 

MEDIUM/SMALL/SINGLE is way too much for me. And now allyuh talking JUNIOR PANORAMA!!! Ah cyar make with that one! But I think they should find a way to spread these competitions over the entire year; is TOO MUCH PAN cramped into SIX WEEKS!!!

bugs: Ah get ah BRADY CONCUSSION last night and I about to get a DUVONE CONCUSSION on Saturday Night and ah hoping that CHALKDUST doh win ah next crown in SUNDAY NIGHT to make my CTE worse ... well at least the WINTER OLYMPICS is just a VISUAL SPECTACLE so I could ROCK BACK with that!!!


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