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So why did the judges reject Boogsie Sharpe and Phase II Twice

The mighty Phase II is a card-carrying member of the Big 5. Rarely do members of the esteemed group get a "hell no" from the judges. This year the Phase II got it in both the semi finals and finals. Why? Could it be that Boogsie's music simply went over the head of the judges? Or this was not a year for unknown original Pan tunes? Or the judges were right, it wasn't happening this year?

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Boogsie, Boogsie, Boogsie...zzzzzxzzz

Greetings folks,

To those who have responded negatively to what I wrote, allow me to explain something to you. As clearly stated from the begining.....THESE ARE THE THINGS PEOPLE HAVE SAID to ME in OPEN CONVERSATIONS at different limes the pan-world and about Boogsie and Phase 2.  So whatever you feel is offensive or upsetting...that is YOUR BUSINESS!!!!  You didn't seem as offended when he was hooked on drugs OR had beaten up his wife/woman.  How come??? 

And to think I didn't (and couldn't)  tell you everything that THEY had to say.  If you can't handle the heat...then you won't handle the LAVA!!!     So here are a few more things that was said.....

Some people, and by the way, they were LONG TIME PLAYERS of PHASE 2, have criticized Boogsie for the VERY LITTLE MONEY they had received after WINNING Panorama and how Boogsie had taken the lion's share.   It was suggested that some authority should do an AUDIT of their finances.    

Some of the PHASE 2 PLAYERS talked about how they are not happy with the drugs that are very much a part of the band.   They wish that the POLICE should make a pass through the band to keep an eye on the drug activity.    

Some people, some being PHASE 2 PLAYERS and FANS.... have talked about the apparent LACK OF CLASS of Boogsie and Phase 2 on the whole.  The band doesn't necessarily represent the area like in the olden days but they should try to UPLIFT their COMMUNITY and SET a GOOD EXAMPLE for the CHILDREN and YOUTHS.  This is especially important that now more than ever we are living in a GLOBAL COMMUNITY.  People are traveling in from around the world to play with us and among us.  They need to RAISE THEIR CLASS.  To quote Paul Keens Douglas..."It is EMBARRASSING MAN......EMBARRASSING!! EMBARRASSING!! "

Some of the PHASE 2 PLAYERS have criticized how unprofessional the band is in so many ways.  That they wished that they were more like for example... Exodus.


Some people have also said that there is NO REASON to have Boogsie and other arrangers in front of the band doing that PSEUDO CONDUCTING.  It is he (Boogsie) and others have to try and CONVINCE they audience that their music is greater than it actually is.  They said let the music do the talking.  If we agree that " WHEN STEEL TALKS....EVERYONE LISTENS " then let the music do the talking.  We are listening.  


SO WHAT DO YOU ALL HAVE TO SAY TO THESE THINGS???  I shared some of your comments with a couple of PAN-FANATICS and their questions were as follows.....

1.  Is everyone, regardless of their intelligence and musical knowledge and love of the culture of TRINBAGO who DOESN'T think that Boogsie is a genius is OFFENSIVE or WRONG etc etc???  

2.  Is Boogsie the BROWN DONALD TRUMP????  You can't say anything about him even if it is the TRUTH ??

3.  And how come you all don't complain when ALL STARS loses the Panorama and yet most times wins PEOPLE's CHOICE??? Were you all as upset when for the nearly 20 years that Despers didn't win??


In MY OPINION, I accept that people want the best steelband to win Panorama. I accept that we ARGUE because we don't think the best band won OR that a better band didn't win.   The question is can YOU Phase 2 fans accept that Boogsie is NOT THE BEST??   OR do you prefer to KILL the HONEST CHILD who correctly points out that your king does not have on any clothes????? 

You people, ESPECIALLY the PHASE 2 fanatics, have to accept that what I was told is precisely what is being said of your precious Boogsie and Phase 2.  You can deal with it with CLASS or deal with it like ASS. 

You asked for my opinion? You sir/madam are a half-idiot. You have no opinions of your own but readily report what others have told you. You are debating the abilities of a musical genius based on the opinions of, I will bet, persons who don't even know the first thing about music. I really did my best to avoid responding to your first post, I ignored it and went on with my more important business. I simply wondered who left the idiot door ajar. The conversations were more or less on point regarding music, musicianship, competition, musical directions and out of nowhere, you arrived with your litany of anecdotes you "heard in open conversation" - like that validates what you have to say. If you want to discuss matters of which you know NOTHING, first try to find out something about the subject, or as the old people used to say - "wash your foot and jump out". I will not debate Boogsie's musicianship with you because you are not worthy of such a discussion, I can tell you that you are probably the most despicable poster I have seen on WST, and there have been some. I hope you will reveal your identity so we may laugh you to scorn publicly rather than have you hide behind some nickname. Have some respect and stop letting people set you up and give you basket, we all know baskets don't hold water. If you want to talk music, LEARN music first. Idle gossip is of no use to us here.


I wondered when the dump truck would arrive with the dirt, and so it did.

The discussion was going along with a certain level of respect and with everyone more or less remembering the theme of the discussion, until your comments about what people say about Boogie etc. This offended because it was a vicious attack on the man and on his music, and was not respectful to him or to WST.  

Now with your second contribution ( with more "dey say" and "I hear" on irrelevant matters), I see the level you are intent on taking the discussion to and I doh do enough yoga to reach down there! 

Why are you people making this person feel important?...eh?...tell meh nah?...

It's time to drop the Phase 2 focus. We've exhausted the conversation until mouth open and the story jumped out. It hasn't been a Woodbrook band for ages and players tell me some of them have to pay to play ...by giving up their fee. That's what I hear. I also heard Silver Stars does pay. Go figure.

Brian: From time to time "THE BOOGSIE IS A GENIUS" discussion comes up on this forum as it does in most PAN DISCUSSIONS whenever and wherever TRINI PAN LOVERS gather. And there is always like 97 people on one side of the fence and 3 on the other -- for every hundred.

Claude...this is all Bugs' fault...he ent bet he like a bacchanal nah?...


Claude is having a bad influence on you.  


So then if it's 97-3, can we talk about the other talents since one man doesn't a culture make. A lot of these Phase 2 groupies came late. I've been following Phase 2 since a tractor pulled them across the stage and I have played several of his panorama tunes. So I have a question for Phase 2 lovers. What is the first prize Phase ever win in Panorama? I want the year and name of tune.

Brian, 1987 This Feelin Nice.

Ian is good...if all you care about is Despers.


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