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So why did the judges reject Boogsie Sharpe and Phase II Twice

The mighty Phase II is a card-carrying member of the Big 5. Rarely do members of the esteemed group get a "hell no" from the judges. This year the Phase II got it in both the semi finals and finals. Why? Could it be that Boogsie's music simply went over the head of the judges? Or this was not a year for unknown original Pan tunes? Or the judges were right, it wasn't happening this year?

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Oh...how I wish we were discussing music...and not people's business...

merrytones, when people allow hate and jealousy to cloud their better judgment they become like an empty barrel rolling down the street, a lot of noise that no one want to hear. HATE and JEALOUSY will eat you alive. 

All Stars and Desperadoes came 1st and 2nd I don't see much talk going on about them, all this talk about Phase ll and Boogsie just shows what they mean to the Pan fraternity.


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