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So why did the judges reject Boogsie Sharpe and Phase II Twice

The mighty Phase II is a card-carrying member of the Big 5. Rarely do members of the esteemed group get a "hell no" from the judges. This year the Phase II got it in both the semi finals and finals. Why? Could it be that Boogsie's music simply went over the head of the judges? Or this was not a year for unknown original Pan tunes? Or the judges were right, it wasn't happening this year?

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Cecil will not allow you to get away with that statement. Just wait until he gets over his concussion. You'll see.


Boogsie, has said it before that he don't have the passion he once had, he has done it all already so there is nothing for him to prove to any one, as a matter of fact what he did is exactly what he should be doing and that is trying new stuff . About the fat contract, if he got one I'm happy for him, he deserve it. Bugs concussion gone,look out for Sharpe in 2018 he'll be coming to prove that he still got game.  

What money? What comfort? you ever see where Boogsie living? The sponsor took over things like the renovation of the panyard and uniforms and stuff like that but the band is still suffering and more so Boogsie. All the period of Panorama rehearsal Boogsie has been either staying at friends or behind a print shop in Woodbrook, so there is nothing to go to anyone's head.

Actually this Panorama saw Boogsie in the panyard much more than any before, first since he only arranged for two bands this year one of which did not make the finals and secondly, because he wanted to show the sponsors and everyone else that the Phase was better off than before, but there is no money or comfort to go to anyone's head.

If anything you could say his hunger to win was even greater than it ever was before. Who else would dare change the entire arrangement of their music just days before the competition, presuming wrongly that the judges would prefer the new arrangement.

The judges as usual did not see it or hear it.

It's fascinating how we are so humans, we waste no time kicking each other under the bus. 

"FOOD FOR THOUGHT" All Stars are the champion band, congrats to them but carnival is over and all the groupies stop screaming "that's my band". When the real pan enthusiast sit in the comfort of their living rooms or man/woman caves which band do you think is going to be the most listened to ?

I must comment on the ignorance of some in the forum making negative remarks about some bands, let it be known this was one of the highest standard of music at a final in recent times so congratulations to all the bands and arrangers for a brilliant show !! #Do something for pan.... No old songs in the medium category and bands must move up to large after three victories !!!!

My man boogsie is going through a trend that all arrangers go through a bad year where your music just did not cut it for you just like all stars last year. I know the great man knows this and he will be back.


Boogsie is an artist, no less so than Rembrandt, Pollock, Dali or Monet. Some of their works found great success and others not so much, or not at all. Same story here. I still believe that the players were so trying to get it right that they seemed to lack confidence and joy on the night of the Finals. But that's just my humble opinion. The music was definitely not the usual Panorama tune and a departure from all past music....Phase II's included. Time will perhaps change views currently held and the value of this year's tune will be seen by the current detractors in years to come as an important innovation. Most importantly, Boogsie's genius and innovation will endure .

Because they arrangement was shitty. When you talk about 'the big 5,' you really talking 'reputation.' Since when reputation is a part of the points scheme? Exodus, on the other hand was worse. So the real question should be...How Exodus reach so high up?

Greeting Bugs.  

I have been fortunate to have been a part of many pan-discussions and I will tell you the general consensus of the opinions and theories which is this: Boogsie and Phase 2 is that they represent the best of the WORST of the beautiful PAN FRATERNITY.

Many, many people have said (and happily provided evidence of the fact) that Boogsie is a highly over-rated, so-called 'jazz-genius'. Some said that Boogsie is closer to being a  ''jenny-ass'  than any kind of genius.  Some of the pan and jazz lovers said if you think of any of the greats of jazz (Ella, Dizzy, Oscar, Brubeck to name a few) it is ..." an insult to the Jazz world.  A few said that " Boogise ISN'T good enough to clean their toilets."

A few of the Trini Jazz fans asked... "How does jazz (America's culture) and OUR CULTURE go together??  Do you mix American apple pie with Oil Down?" Do you mix it with Pelau, or Mango Chow or Souse?? NOOO!!!  If Boogsie put his faeces/poop in your roti would you eat it??? NO?!? Then why do we accept it in pan??  OUR PAN !?!" They said when you give the likes of Boogsie the title of Champion, you diminish the importance and significance of the title AND you cause other people to think that they should be more like Boogsie.  They said if you want a truly good example to follow, try and emulate Andy Narell.  

Some of the pan lovers who possess Masters/Doctorates in Music have said..." Boogsie is the mentally challenged child (some actually said retarded) whose greatest accomplishment is that he has fooled a few people into thinking that he should be ranked with the true greats likes Leon 'Smoothe' Edwards and Jit Samaroo.  I am the type that would like some proof.  They said all you had to do was listen to TRINIDAD ALL STARS classic "Woman on the Bass" and then torture yourself with Phase 2's version of the same song.  Apparently Phase 2's version was 7 mins and 11 or 17 seconds.  Then the person said they listened to it again, agonizingly, and timed how many times Phase 2 played something that had NOTHING TO DO with the original tune.  They came up 5 mins 37 seconds.  That means that over 70% of Boogsie's jenny-ass had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ORIGINAL TUNE!! 

At one pan-lime someone stated that Boogsie is the.... "Broken clock of pan.....He might be right twice a day but the rest of the time he is COMPLETELY WRONG!!"  People have said that Boogsie and Phase 2 have..."RARELY truly earned the title of Panorama Champions has but instead has been given,...GIVEN the Championships from clear politics or favoritism or whatever."  The proof was when they pointed out that on more than one occasion on stage at the Panorama finals, Phase 2 had a FALSE START.....and yet SHOCKINGLY were STILL CROWNED CHAMPIONS!!  They asked can you imagine being at a classical music competition with the top orchestras from around the world....and someone in a band has a FALSE START?!?!?  They would KILL that person!!!  But worst yet, that the band would WIN !?!? NO WAY!!

And that, they said, is one reason that Phase 2 (with the help of the biased judges) are the worst thing to happen to pan and Panorama. When you are playing the pan it should be about 2 things: 1) The Offering  and 2) The Pursuit of Perfection.   They don't accept anything less in classical music and WE should NEVER accept not tolerated it in pan/Panorama.  


I am inclined to believe these people.  I think Boogsie is over-rated.  It does untold damage to our culture when we honor the Boogsies and Phase 2s of our world because it suggests that we should accept less than the best for our culture that has provided the best for us.


Boogsie's genius is not in question. He is a musical genius. And he has been validated as by the likes of the very people you quoted and respect in the jazz genre. So that aspect of this conversation is noise and wasted text. So what now comes into question now is who are you and who set you up into thinking you had the ability to appreciate Boogsie's abilities?


Yuh see de same t'ing ah say...everybody go say dey love yuh...fart once...and yuh go see wha happen...lol...Take it easy WOPAN...All Stars have a whole year to celebrate...


Your comment is quite offensive to this community, or rather your reported comments from others, which you agree with at the end.  The lawyers would call that "hearsay" and spit it out....

Phase II has won as often as they have because of Boogsie's genius.  Tell those people that.  Tell them too that departing from the "original tune" to develop it is an essential part of a Panorama arrangement.  All bands do it.  

I am so lucky to know persons who are musically-trained with Master's and PHDs and they have often, at my request, broken down Phase II's music for me and showed me the high level of innovation within it.  Some say it may not be their cup of tea but still acknowledge the level of genius involved.

To say that Phase II or any other band are the worst thing to happen to Panorama is taking it too far and very offensive.  


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