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Some Panmen of the 1950s
by Ian Lambie

I am fully aware of the excellent contributions made by Ellie Mannette and Andrew “Pan” de la Bastide to the advancement of “pan” in the USA and by Anthony “Tony” Williams at home. I decided to write about lesser known pioneers and to include some “College Boys” who were beating pan in the 1950s.

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Thank you Ian Lambie for filling in so much information regarding our 'boys' actions on Pan music around the world. 

I so want to see a Steel Orchestra at the Proms in UK, at the start of Wimbledon, the Ascot Races and Famous Henley Regatta where other musicians and entertainers are featured. Who knows?

Just a note re Starlift. When they had no home a few of the players came to ask my father permission to practice under the streetlight outside our driveway..  As two of the pans were heavy, after a few nights they asked if we could store the pans inside our backgate. Such were the good mannered players, no bad language,  that they were allowed to use our free 'storage' for several weeks at the junction of Herbert, White, Warren and Alberto Streets  That was Starlifts first 'home' on that pavement.  Years lter on Can Bank of Commerce sponsored them I think and they had the plot corner of Gallus and Warren just 2 doors down from where they began. 

Beryl was a neighbour on White Street. Practice began at 7pm every night and ended at 9pm sharp. Pans stored and Thanks.  Always been fond of them since. 

Reading this posting (although I did not read the whole thing) made me realize what a MAJOR CONTRIBUTION PATRICK ARNOLD MADE to GLOBALIZING PAN MUSIC.

How come that nothing was mension about Errol Zephyrine,And he is from Invaders

"I decided to write about lesser known pioneers and to include some “College Boys” who were beating pan in the 1950s."

Ian, I recall Silver Stars playing Back Bay Shuffle on Carnival Monday, coming down Frederick Street. In the recording someone shouts "Lambie". Were they calling you?

Much Tanks tuh Mr . Lambie , fuh dis Important piece of D"History of Steelband . Dis sheds ah lot ah Lite on som "Pan History " published before . Tanks fuh yuh Contribushuns ,  [Past , Present an Continued ] tuh d Survival an Advancement of Pan . I truly appreciate dis  , D Days wen , in Carnival , Steelbans Importance was King . . .


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