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Speaking of CARIFESTA and PAN: I think that BERTEL GITTENS should go personally and meet the leaders of HELLS GATE and the GUYANA NATIONAL STEELBAND to GET the BALL ROLLING on the WORLD STEELPAN DAY

Bertel: You are going to have TWO STRONG PAN LOVING COUNTRIES coming to Trinidad (The Mecca of the Steelband), so you should meet the CAPTAINS of those TWO BANDS personally and discuss with them how you would like to see them lead the WORLD STEELPAN DAY CELEBRATION in their countries.

As I see it, each country will choose it own style of celebration. But you can start the general conversation with them and get their contact information so that the conversation could continue when they get back home. Yesterday i suggested cornering the domain name www.worldsteelpanday.org (well, you should get the .com also) so that you have a CENTRAL MEETING PLACE -- night and day.

Furthermore, you should really try to establish some FIRM LINKS with GUYANA because from 2020 GEORGETOWN will be rocking at night and we could get some STEELBANDS in the NIGHT CLUBS.

The thing to do is to get about 3 SETS of STAGE PANS and keep them in different SCHOOLS around GEORGETOWN so that when some TRINI PAN PLAYERS want to go and do a week of shows -- they don't have to waste all that money in TRANSPORTATION COSTS. And the school children could be making use of the INSTRUMENTS at the same time.

And keep ANTIGUA close too -- because they LOVE THE PAN TOO BAD. Some people even say that is them who invent THE PAN -- but ah doh want to get into that argument right now.

Ah want to make a TRUCE with BEVERLEY and tell her what I think her role should be in this WORLD STEELPAN DAY TING -- but she and I seem to have one thing in common and that is that we doh like nobody telling we WHAT TO DO. But I think that she should stick to the LOCAL ROLE which I have previously outlined here on THIS FORUM years ago centering on A NATIONAL DAY OF RECOGNITION for STEELBANDS in TRINIDAD. I think that the TRINIDAD CELEBRATION should center around PAN YARDS and COMMUNITY -- and BEVERLEY should be in charge of that.

(And then you need ANOTHER TEAM to handle the WORLD part of the THING!!!)

Whereas the other countries in the world might resort to STREET PARADES or FESTIVAL-LIKE open air CELEBRATIONS. Personally, in FOREIGN, I like the CONCERT IN THE PARK FORMAT.

I really like the idea of this WORLD STEELPAN DAY but it has to be BOTTOM UP instead of TOP DOWN. Russell Providence real smart -- he done make some comments on that already.

Don't forget: EMBRACE ANTIGUA and GUYANA while they are in TRINIDAD and get the ball rolling right there in the CARIBBEAN without even LEAVING HOME!!!.


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Points noted Claude. Remember I will be on your side for the Carifesta. We will see what happens.


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