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Steel drums to ring out at Huddersfield Carnival thanks to Birkby pupils


The pupils want to gift a "part of their heritage" to the community

(Image: Huddersfield Examiner)

Youngsters at Birkby Junior School have donated a set of steel drums to the Huddersfield Carnival Committee.

The school has had the drums, or pans, for many years but don’t have the space to store them anymore.

Staff wanted the drums to go to a good home and were delighted to donate them to the Huddersfield Carnival Committee.

The school said they were delighted to be able to gift their steel pans to Huddersfield Carnival Committee.

They added: "Our Governors were committed to passing on this important legacy to a local organisation, who are willing to carry on this much loved tradition.

"We know that the Huddersfield Carnival Committee will ensure this important part of our heritage remains the beating heart of the community for generations to come."

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My take on this is that if the school really sees pan as so important,it should make an effort to keep d pans by providing adequate space 4 them 2 b housed.I am sure d equipment was kept there b4,but now something else has become more important so the pans have 2 go. D space has gone 2 something else.


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