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Steel-Pan Bands in Brooklyn Struggle to Find Rehearsal Space - New York Times

There is an article in today's New York Times discussing the difficulty bands in Brooklyn are having in finding a pan yard. This is a VERY big problem facing the community. Thanks to the NYT for highlighting it. 

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People are very ungrateful they show no gratitude to ones that paved the way I always show respect to the elders in Calypso because the things they went through and the sacrifices they made for calypsonians to be making the moneys they make now also the panmen where were they when i used. To get $4 for playing all season when i had to hide below my pan to prevent me from getting a buss head when steelbands used to clash when my bass pan used to stick in mud because it had no.. road in the savannah and the culture voltures that dont even beat a drum and leaves with a bag of money after canival people giving a stellband event and hirering soca artiest to perform and leaving out calypsonians that compose pan songs for the steel bands to use for panorama you ever heard a pan song in the soca monarch?not even one pansong calypsonian in a steelband event like Winston Defosto Scarborough you ever heard Jamaica giving a world reggae championship they know that Jamaica is the home of reggae Trinidad is the home of the steel band we shouldn't have to give a world steel band championship to show the world that we are the home of the steelband how will it look if a steelband from japan wins?i

Cecil, you are so correct about not owning property and the situation,even in T&T. You must take your hats off to Massy All Stars on the purchase of the property adjoining their yard.


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