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As a young pannist/musician/artist having an organization that looks out for the needs of the PLAYERS within the {TNT} steelpan community and movement (and by extension Regional and International) is very important in my opinion. It has been my observation over the last few years after being around and experiencing varying situations that there is very little geared towards ensuring the Fair treatment of each player as an Individual and not just as a member of a Band and or Orchestra. Which lead to this thought: why isn't there some sort of Union organization to adhere to such? 


I would like to hear peoples' thoughts on this Topic.... 


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Hi Cindy,  I have a few friends that I have run this by before and they are in full support.  Now that the Talking Ghost is back from his crypt, I will set a fire under him and shoot Salah an email.  Hopefully, we can get the ball rolling on this one.  I am a part-time event planner and I can tell you that this event can be pulled off quite easily.  If anyone out there has pan contacts in Florida, we will need to hear from you early in the process so that we can get the appropriate people involved.  Please note that this is NOt my event, it is OURS.  IF WE PLAY OUR CARDS RIGHT ON THIS ONE, MAYBE THIS WILL EVENTUALLY BE ROLLED UP INTO AN ANNUAL PAN CONVENTION OF SOME KIND. Who knows?  Cindy I am going to throw this on your plate.  You can start thinking in terms of an agenda, until we are able to pull some semblance of a Planning Committee together.  Anyone who would like to be a part of the planning please let this be know early.  EVERYONE IS WELCOMED! 
Foy, I like this idea; let's ALL make it happen. Respect.
Cindy, if you are on board with SIDD'S title, then it is a done deal.  We are not going to mess around and let trivialties bogg us down.  We are going to set a tone of PEDAL TO THE METAL.  If the idea has merit, we run with it.  The official name has just become "THE 2012 PAN SUPPORTERS SUMMIT".  My work is done.  Someone needs to come up with a slogan.
Kris, I'm sorry that that part of pan history was hidden from you, but that was the intent of the Steelband Association, which later became the National Association Of Trinidad & Tobago Steelbandsmen (NATTS). If someone exposed you to the facts, you would have known that the first constitution was drafted under NATTS President, and that Pan Trinbago, mainly due to lack of leadership, vision, politics, self-seeking interests, and corruption, moved away from the "union" offirts of the past. It will serve you well to read my previous postings, as well as to read the book "Forty Years In The Steelbands - 1939 - 1979" by George "Sonny" Goddard. Also, if you review my "Blurprint For Pan Success", you will also see that I have continued in the tradition of my dad's legacy of representing the working-class (lumpen-proletariat), of which local panists, for the most part all belong. Great observation.

We must all note and always remember the third line of this comment,,,,Pan Trinbago mainly due to lack of leadership,,,vision,,politics,,,,,SELF  SEEKING  INTEREST,,,AND CORRUPTION,,,,,,,not leaving out the rest of this comment,,,whatever is in the dark,,,must   come  to light..


thanks for the information, I will definitely read your father's book.




After reading the comments, the lack of understanding of the history of the "pan union"  - from the Steelband Association, to NATTS, to Pan Trinbago - is embarrassing, though it helps in explaining why there is no unity among those in the pan world. FYI - Bellies is a personal friend of mine, and I liked the idea of a Pan Players' Assn., that he, and another friend, Primo, were promoting. Granted, they didn't get the support, but in reality, they lacked vision, and were not seen as leaders by the pan fraternity. That s what George "Sonny" Goddard had over everyone! Vision, Respect, and Courage. He also had power. Power that did not stem from fear, but from the loyalty of a collective membership, who knew and trusted that their leader, represented their interests, even in the face of political, religious, and social adversity. That's why, the first thing he did on becoming President, was to appoint Bruce Procope, Esq., to draft, what would be the "union's" first constitution. This is why he led the "union" to hold the first Steelband Festival, after being shunned by the Music Association., and why he wrote the Pope, in the face of public criticism and humiliation. (Ironically, the local churches refused to accept the Vatican's endorsement of pan.) Under his leadership, we saw NATTS function as a union, and anyone who really knows pan history would know that.  This is why, the membership grew from around 12 bands to over 100. This is how the National Steelband and the TASPO tour came about. This is how NATTS members were able to march in 1970 in support of NJAC, and why Valentino was allowed to sing "No Revolution", after the "Grandmaster" was threatened by George, to have all the steelbands boycott his tune if "Valley" couldn't do his song. This is how the majority of the membership boycotted Panorama, when only a few decided to go against their own interests. (Rudolph Charles was the one who actually chose the prize amount they were demanding, then crossed "the picket line".) In my opinion, Cro Cro, was right on: TOO much lick-bottom Africans! Not, just in pan. In response to gang activity, they chose sport over pan, as a deterrent. Society still sees pan as "gang-activity", just as they did back in the 70's when "it was baccanal...between Invaders and Tokyo." So rather than have the vision of persons like Canon Farquhar and Albert Gomes, who saw the opportunity that pan brought, we are fooled into believing that sport is the only way out. Not to mention the stereotype the suggestion brings. As if young Black men have no futures in medicine, law, science, and the arts. Of ALL the college athletes in the US, only a very small percentage are ever able to make careers in sport. And this is in a country with professional leagues! So, once again, a golden opportunity to utilize our national instrument as an instrument of social change will be missed. At the end of the day, regardless of what you call your "union", it is honest, dedicated leadership that best serves the membership, and that is what has been lost. I, for one, am very doubtful it will ever be regained, in this climate of narcissism, greed, and socio-political juxtaposing. Time will tell, and history will record. It is up to you all to seek that history, for we will never know where we are going, if we continue to be unaware of where pan, its movement, and unions came from. I say:

Panman/Woman Know Yourself.


In Ma'at (Truth)


George D. Goddard, B.A. Music. Cum Laude.



I cannot see anymore convincing needed to move forward and progress,one has to creep before they can walk..consciousness..

Most honorable GHOSTLY ONE, greetings and salutation from the Evergreen State.  I was wondering if the Knuckle Heads finally beated you into submission and locked you back in your crypt.  We have not heard from you in some time.  Anyway, it is good to have you back.  I have just jump-started an initiative to hold an all inclusive grass-roots pan summit in Miami, FLA some time around Memorial weekend 2012.  We want you to be involved at any level you deem necessary.  You participation in the planning, strategizing, ideating and whatsoever other ING there is will make the event so much better.  THIS WILL BE THE START OF SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT FOR PAN IN GENERAL.  Later on I will shoot you my personal info and we can take this off-line for a more in-depth discussion.  Thanks my friend!  Peace!

Yow, Foy. Nah, dey have meh busy on de wuk. lol. I fuh ANYT'ING to uplift panists! At home and abroad. I saw our colleague's comment, and it disturbed me, that this young panist lacks knowledge of the history of the "steelband movement" and the three pan "unions".  I understand the politics involved in the deliberate attempt to erase that history, and, thankfully, George left us a great source of reference. Summit in Miami? Bring it on; it have a lot of "experts" who need debriefing, as to certain facts about George "Sonny" Goddard (and his contributions), Eric Williams' (and the PNM's negative influences), and the history of pan (as a "social" movement). Any student in pan, would be well-advised to look not only at its musicology, but its sociology, as well, for the latter parallels the US's Civil Rights Movement. And that is why I claim (with empirical evidence), George to be the "Malcolm X" of the steelband movement.

BTW - In my comment on the steelband clashes, I meant the 50s, not the 70s.


Keep representing, my colleague. Hotep (Peace).


Pant'um - The Ghost Who Talks. (Honoring George "Sonny" Goddard's Legacy.)

George I always knew that you and Sid would end up working side by side. lmao!

lol. Sometimes, the greatest relationships start off rocky. I have NO problem working with any of my pan colleagues, who are sincere. And those who are, will respect, honor, and acknowledge my dad's legacy. Obviously, SIDD is not privy to information I have been exposed to, so I had to spend a little energy in his re-education. (SIDD, don't attack me now. Okay, buddy.) INFORMATION IS POWER! MISINFORMATION IS DANGEROUS!!! I encourage ALL to get their facts correct. And, it is a fact that George was fierce in his defense of those he was elected (and re-elected, and re-elected...) to serve. Well, the fruit truly does not fall far from the tree, and his legacy of honesty and commitment to a "movement" runs through me. Regardless of our differences, I honor and respect ALL my colleagues in the pan fraternity, who are genuine, unselfish, and appreciative. I am also aware that all groups have their share of Judases and Benedict Arnolds, and "Who The Cap Fits, Let Them Wear It..." In Ma'at (Truth)


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