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STEELBANDGATE SCANDAL in fighting in Pantrinbago, President and vice President in war,cars from UK,Players unpaid, Whats next.

Accusations of wrong doings in Pantrinbago, Pan Players remittance jumping in foreign cars, President and vice President not on speaking terms, Plans and decisions made with out the input and knowledge of the membership.Pan players are put on the back burner instead of being taken care of first, this sounds like a local STEELBANDGATE SCANDAL to me BLESSINGS.

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earl, we did not hear any complaints from the Americans, we'll have to assume they got paid, too bad for the UK players. I saw that Mr Diaz made  the gentleman from the UK vice president of the new group he form so that should compensate.

The core of scandal magnifies the disrespect this administration has for pan players, they find all sort of things to do with money except pay pan players, what kind of people are they?

People who are corrupt to the core,assume they would not be caught, so they steal with impunity.Their hangers-on can eat ah food so they turn a blind eye.

Earl: Ah intern LIE and say that she get robbed of $300 in the hospital parking lot and the Ministry send a team comprising the ministry’s permanent secretary, chief medical officer, legal officer and human resources officer  to investigate and advise on the matter and then they fire the intern lickety-split.

Ah man teef $25,000,000 that was supposed to go to PAN PLAYERS and service providers and prize money for the ICP and the Ministry of Culture say dey have nothing to with that -- hands off.


Claude, I beg to differ on the race issue, this is the nature of we culture…

Meaning and Nature of Culture: Culture is an aggregate of the learned beliefs, attitudes, values, norms and customs of a society or group of people, shared by them and transmitted from generation to generation within that society. For the past 30 years I've live in a planned community not "gated," established in the mid 60s by a civil rights visionary who happened to be white. I see things quite differently.

The system is broken, some are trying to fix it; the government begging parents to take responsibility and do something about their children's behavior. The only solution I see for pan players and their steelbands especially those un-sponsored will take long term planning, it has to start in their Panyards back to their communities where Pan started.

Quality leadership is needed in the Panyards, each with a strength and purpose of their mission, the future and survival of steelbands in the Mecca is at risk, not only in Panorama.

I'm sure some of you've heard of the Greek mythology about cutting off the head of the snake and two heads growing back in it's place.

Claude: I do not know if the intern who lie about being robbed of $300 and got fired and the man who teef  $25,000,000  and walking free are of the same RACE or not, but I see it as a DOUBLE STANDARD instead of a RACE issue. Ah US submarine sailor took pictures inside the sub for his own use and he is spending one year in jail presently because it was classified, Everybody is reading the classified e mails of the DEM ticket for PRESIDENT because of a private server, That person is free and could be the next PRESIDENT of the USA,  is it RACE  issues or DOUBLE STANDARD issues or WHEN YOU BIG YOU BIG.  BLESSINGS.

We will see if and when the gavel drops.

Pan Trinbago, is not like any organization which anyone can set up and dismantle.

The status quo is different because it was incorporated by an Act of Parliament 1985.

Therefore, to dismantle Pan Trinbago, it also requires an act of Parliament. This also illustrates the fact that Pan Trinbago is literally an ‘arm of the government”. That said and done it makes it incumbent on the government to intervene in special cases. The present situation calls for an intervention because up to October month (as the Minister stated), $5million was given to Pan Trinbago for the 2016 payment to the ordinary players. It is understood that the money was deposited at the bank but was confiscated by the bank because the bank was owed by Pan Trinbago. This is a dark period for pan history, but action has to be taken by the government and there are also things that the membership could do. We need to act now.

Salah, the membership has NO leader, is there a plan B? how come they did not have the foresight to know that the bank would confiscate the $5 mil?

First the government should intervene to determine if there is criminal intent and act appropriately. They obviously have to set in place an urgent election which should be triggered by the government. Hopefully we will then elect people who are capable, well mannered and illustrate good intent.

Salah, so far all that's out there are ACCUSATIONS. don't know if the Government will act on that.


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