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The New Visionaries Pan Foundation has in its possession a list of Two Hundred Plus Trinidad and Tobago Steelbands which have become defunct for various reasons. These steelbands existed as far back as the early 1940’s. This list was compiled by one of our Directors Keith Simpson, and it was commissioned by The Arch Bishop of Pan, Dr. Pat Bishop before she passed. May her soul rest in peace.
Some of our defunct steelbands named here are: Atomic of Arima, Black Swan of San Juan, Boom Town of Tacarigua, Concrete Yard of Curepe, Empresarios Scarborough of Tobago, Lucky Jordan of Tobago, just to name a few.
Given the worldwide spread of our Trinidad and Tobago nationals who are true Pan Aficionados, and who were affiliated with these steelbands and the Pan movement of that era, the Foundation thought it prudent to present and post for discussion on WST forum, "Steelbands which have passed" from as far back as the 1940’s. It might be necessary to name the location of the panyards, as duplication of steelband names are very possible. What do you say Pan people?

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Your last sentence, very powerful observation, not only for the powers to learn, but we as members of the PAN Fraternity/Sorority understand this aspect of our history. I know this will be for another discussion on the forum, but now is the time to THINK and ACT as we document the death of Pan Sides. We have to learn from our past.

As with death we have to start thinking about rebirth and survivability. Who's going to take the LEAD?

odw,many thanks,but for me it is a way of life......a way of life that has /can bring grief to many a "pan jumbie".....Many who have struggled/struggling  to keep communities together do so at their families and themselves risk,and they are largely unappreciated or recompensed for their efforts.

Panyards has to be seen as:

A needed component of the Min. of Education thrust in Music and school discipline.

A vital part of the Min. of Youth Affairs

A must in the Min. of  Social/Community Affairs ...

An integral part of the Min. of National Security,strategy against crime.

A must for Min. of Trade

Just to name a few areas where Pan is woven into the National fabric.

Question is, why none of our Administrations with all their so called "brilliant minds" have not been able to make the Nation's Fabric stronger.by using this thread that was born in Fire and Steel,and strengthened with the blood of many ,who were innovators/creators/teachers/leaders/protectors of their communities.


Its about VISION!

The pan-yard MUST remain in the community

Oswald, there was also Pan Pipers from Pro Queen St. Arima, Perry Martin's band. You got the Mello Tones from Dog Patch right, but it was Providence Circular Arima, not Jerningham Ave. Good memory though!

Oswald,you are quite correct on both counts.....Pan Pipers keep bouncing around in my mind,and for the life of me I cannot comprehend why I wrote Jerningham Ave,especially as I once lived on Providence Circular.
Claude please add Pan Pipers and address.

It's me again, Oswald, there was a large band from Malabar near the 'Cow Heel King', that came out with flair and thunder, but lasted only a short while, maybe 4 years or less. Does Odyssey Pan Groove strike a note? I think they merged with Solo Harmonites later. 

Oswald the band name was Rhapsody, "Spots" from Solo Harmonites was the leader.

The band was situated where SPOTS Bar is presently on Malabar Extension Rd.

Patrick "PJ" Joseph band,is now Rhapsody NG.

How about Kintups from St. Anns.

ok Reggie  thanks again for the corrections....seems like you are a Belmont boy.....i'm a Belmont  girl,

Reggie  give a list of the Belmont Bands,,


Iz EBONITES on the list?


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