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The New Visionaries Pan Foundation has in its possession a list of Two Hundred Plus Trinidad and Tobago Steelbands which have become defunct for various reasons. These steelbands existed as far back as the early 1940’s. This list was compiled by one of our Directors Keith Simpson, and it was commissioned by The Arch Bishop of Pan, Dr. Pat Bishop before she passed. May her soul rest in peace.
Some of our defunct steelbands named here are: Atomic of Arima, Black Swan of San Juan, Boom Town of Tacarigua, Concrete Yard of Curepe, Empresarios Scarborough of Tobago, Lucky Jordan of Tobago, just to name a few.
Given the worldwide spread of our Trinidad and Tobago nationals who are true Pan Aficionados, and who were affiliated with these steelbands and the Pan movement of that era, the Foundation thought it prudent to present and post for discussion on WST forum, "Steelbands which have passed" from as far back as the 1940’s. It might be necessary to name the location of the panyards, as duplication of steelband names are very possible. What do you say Pan people?

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There are those who say that Ebonites did not die. That, when they moved to barataria, they changed their name to harmonites, but it was essentially the same band.

Is this true? Anybody?

I ask this because a fatigue I always get is that my community, Barataria, never produce a steelband , as Harmonites is really a Morvant band who buy a spot at the edge of Barataria and that the only Barataria band 'Corregidoors'  was never able to make it on the road for a whole 2-day carnival.

Incidentally, wha bout 'Corregidoors' for the list?

I remember Saigon in Woodbrook, which evolved into Starlift.

Ken Williams

I did not see Pan Am North Stars.

Wonder Harps,Mathura St.,St.James,very early '60's.

  Mr.Williams, Saigon was from 10a Borde Street by Mrs. Greaves. I was born at no. 3 Borde Street and her son- in- law plays in a retro group we have in Starlift. Yes they were part of the Starlift formation. Another band was Klondykes from Barataria. Too many people are posting / duplicating names already posted days ago. Read carefully.

Hey Patrick can you remember these St James bands:  WONDER HARPS -Othello Mollineaux - STARNIKS:

Roy Harper, Emanuel Camps and others, CROSS ROADS  Wolf,  NESTLE'S AMBASSADORS: Peter,  SAMBA BOYS; Gordon Mc Greggor.

Hey Mike, whatsup? All except Samba Boys. I started playing with Wonder Harps on Ethel Str, but ended up in Tripoli.

We have some updates to the original list. Since this is a NEW VISIONARIES project it would be nice for Mr. Keith Simpson or Ms. Beverley Ramsey-Moore to come on and define their objectives and run with the ball. This community effort I see here sharing LIVE MEMORIES/OBSERVATIONS on defunct steelbands is a good example of a small key that could open VERY LARGE CULTURAL DOORS if harnessed effectively. THE LIST is a collective effort and so anyone who wants to add to it or modify it in any way should feel free to copy the current contents and integrate their individual changes and then repost.

Arima All Stars, Atomic, Ambassadors, Am Boys, Antillean. Arirang

Battan, Bescrete Harmonizers, Birdland, Black Swan, Blue Stars, Boom Town and Boystown, Boystown (Pt. Cumana), BP Serenaders

Casablanca, Casbah, Cavaliers, Chicago Steelband, City Kids, City Symphony, City Synco, Cliff Tones, Concrete Yard, Corregidoors, Crossfire, Crossroads, Cross Stars, Crusaders

Del Vikings, Dem boys, Dem Fascinators, Dem Fortunates, Dixicola Pentagons, Dixie Harps, Dixie Land, Dixie Stars, Dog Patch

Ebonites, Empresarios

Fascinators, Finland, Five Graves to Cairo, Flamingoes, Free French


Gay Caballeros, Gay Landers, Gay Philadelphians, Gem Stars, Girl Pat, Golden Dukes, Gondoliers, Green Eyes

Harlem Nightingales, Hellsapoppin, Hell's Kitchen, Highlanders, Hillside Symphony, Hill Sixty, Hit Paraders

Jay Notes, Jazz Cats, Jewel 22, Joyland Synco

Kintups, Klondykes

L’il Carib, Lucky Jordan

Maestros, Mello Harps, Mello Jones, Melody Makers, Mello Stars, Merry Makers, Metronomes, Modern Years, Monarchs, Morvant Ebonites, Motown

Nestle's Ambassadors, Nightingale, Nutrine Playboys

Organettes, Old Oak Starlift (Tobago)

Pan Am North Stars, Pandimonics

QT Minors

Rhapsody, Rebels, Red Army, Rising Sun, Rochdale, Rogues Regiment

Saigon, Saint James United, Samba Boys, San Juan All Stars, Satisfyers, Savoys, Scarlet Symphony, Sea Bees, Silhouettes, Silver Harps, Silver Tones, Southern All Stars, Southern Symphony, Southland, Spellbound, Sputniks, Sputnik Stars, Stalingrad, Starnicks, Starland, Stereophonics, Stromboli, Sundown Fascinators, Sundowners(?), Sunland (Belmont), Sunland (Tunapuna), Sun Valley, Symphonettes, Steel Stylers

Teenage Symphony, Teen Stars, Third World, Thunder Birds, Trinidad Symphony, Tripoli, Tropical Harmony, Tropitones, Trutones

Water Front, West Side Symphony, West Stars, West Stars (Sando), Wonder Harps, Wonderland, Woodpeckers

Zone Stars

Claude add gay crescendos from Central and Tunapuna All stars to this list.

Claude,two things.
(1) is Mello Tones not Mello Jones
(2) Is it Nutrine Playboys or Nutrament Playboys?

And you going good so far,don't look around for help.
Many thanks!

I found records by Nutrine Playboys so we can stick with that until further correction.



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