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Stop using the pan as a stepchild - says ace musician

Musician standout Leon Foster Thomas says:

It's nice to see that pan is reaching places like the Vatican and such but, why is it so poorly supported? 1 soca and chutney singer gets 2 mil and a steel band of 120 players get the same 2 mil. Does that make sense? Why didn't they take Machel or one of them to the vatican or for Joe Biden and see how far that would have gone. i have nothing against the Machel and others but, give us our just due. Stop using the pan as a step child. Only using the pan for convenience. It's a Gem. start treating it and it's people like royalty. The Pan is the best marketing tool of great significance, maybe the only best tool that makes Trinidad and Tobago stand out from other countries globally. Yet, e Art form still fights for respect and acceptance. Sad!

Is the pan being used as a stepchild?

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Well said Foster

I'd say it's the society and it's negative thinking. " Pan not going anywhere" and they are not doing anything to help.

i ent read the whole thing but,i think i get the point, good luck with this issue, there is no justice on planet earth, people have been trained to put "new wines in old wine skins" its a lost cause even though "the ugly duckling"  is now a beautifull swan they still calling it a duck, things not going to change, plenty pan people still have a "never see come see attitude" and waiting for something for pan, i will leave it right dey for now, there  is a lot of work to be done and we need to make the first positive steps

gavin you read leon's comments properly?

If by stepchild you mean, like  is not your child but, is yuh gul child who must be treated as part of your family, yes, the pan is being used and the fraternity is being abused by their wicked step parents.

The Ministry of Culture is Booo. The disrespect for this wonderful invention starts at the top and trickles down to the masses. We are quick to boast, when necessary, that we invented the only new acoustic musical instrument of the 20th century and counting but when it comes standing up for the instrument and doing thing necessary to push it forward supports becomes very hard to find. What a shame. When last have you heard Pan on a Trinidad radio station other than maybe around Panorama?. Be truthful.  How many times a day do you hear Reggae on the same radio stations?

Well said ///my sentiments exactly.......It 

came home to me more so in 2002...at the world pan music festival.. at the Jean Pierre Complex.....started very late...and less than 2000 souls were present.........step child alright.

TALK, TALK, TALK AND MORE TALK!! that's what we do, that's what we are all so good at. Nobody takes responsibility, it is always someone else to do. We have to become doers and stop being just talkers. Everyone of you can make a difference. We talking for too long..no action.

Mr Cooper, with all due respect, TALK is a good place to start. It is better to talk and look at it from all sides than to live in denial. There is too much ignorance and denial on this subject. This is why NOTHING is happening.

There is no connection between the Talkers and the Doers.

Talk is a good place to start. But when will we get off the starting blocks

Mr. Cooper: At the risk of alienating my two good friends and defenders (Bertel and Cecil) I have to wholeheartedly agree with your introduction: TALK. TALK. TALK AND MORE TALK! 

I always ask the question: Where is the ACTIVISM?

Those who claim to so dearly love the pan must start doIng so in THOUGHT, WORD and DEED!!!

Yuh hear that Cecil and Bertel: TOO MUCH TALK TALK TALK!!!


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