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Does anyone know the author of this document; I've been having difficulty finding the source any help would be greatly appreciated. I had it scanned as Adobe Acrobat Document file (PDF) format....you can open the document and right-click to rotate clockwise, print if needed 12 pages.

Thanks in advance.

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It seems like I've read these words time and time again and so often that they will always seem familiar.

I'll have to wait until I get home from work to compare it to "Music From Behind The bridge" or "The Illustrated History Of Pan"

One of Chalkie's efforts. But I know I've seen this somewhere.


The spelling of certain words leads me to believe it was written by someone with a British education.

Maybe LORD BLAKIE.                                                         Could not help it  LMAO

Yuh have de wrong Blake, is Dr. Felix (Fido) Blake. Lol.

Methinks Al. O'Connor, (Prof. G. Allan O'Connor)...  Check with Liam Teague...  http://www.niu.edu/music/ensembles/steelband.shtml

An excerpt from The Trinidad and Tobago Steelpan History and Evolution by Dr Felix (FedoBlake?.


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