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Did anyone attend the summit events? If so, how was it? Were there any major steelpan performances?

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All Presidents, Prime Ministers and their spouses received gifts of Liz Mannette Steelpan Jewelry.

Port of Spain, Trinidad, April 20, 2009.… Now that the Fifth Summit of Americas has concluded, all heads of Government and the media have returned to their respective countries, with hope for renewed partnership among hemispheric nations, and pleasant memories of the host country, Trinidad and Tobago.

To remind them of the twin-island State’s rich and diverse culture, all heads of Government and their spouses were presented with the Presidential Gift Set of fine jewelry from the Liz Mannette Collection. Exquisite sterling silver and 14K gold tenor pan cufflinks were the male piece, and a custom designed double tenor pan brooch with a special gemstone was the female piece. Also included was a miniature leather steelpan case, a detailed product brochure on the history of the steelpan in English and Spanish and a complimentary CD of steelpan music.

All items were designed by Liz Mannette, lawyer cum jewelry designer, who also represents Trinidad and Tobago as an energy diplomat in Washington DC. Mannette was a Harvard Law School classmate of US President Barack Obama whom she met again at the Summit. “I’m proud that the head of every country in the hemisphere can have one of these pieces that reflect our contribution to the region and the world’s music,” said Mannette.

The Liz Mannette Collection is the only fashion brand that reflects the unique instrument invented in Trinidad and Tobago from discarded oil drums. Mannette is of the family of early pioneers and her luxury line has been the special gift of choice for celebrities and political leaders throughout the Caribbean and North America.

The collection is available in Trinidad and Tobago at all Stetchers gift shops, at duty free shops throughout the Caribbean and online at www.lizmannette.com.
For further information, contact:
Rhetia Rodriguez
Liz Mannette Inc.
10 Queen’s Park West
Suite 6,
Port of Spain
868 623 5420
I'm in Brazil at the moment and also would like to know how the Event flowed. We heard 'Lula' (President of Brazil) was there. That's about all...

Awaiting the discussion hype to the benefit of Trinis not in the hometown at the moment.

As someone who formed a small panside in Braasilia , performing at expos, embassies, private parties, etc.between 1998 and 2001, I was very pleased that Brasil's Ignacio da Silva Lula was at the Summit. But again, I wonder if our PM saw fit to treat the delegates to a pan show. Does anyone know?
How many of you know that T&T's PM Manning was once a tenor player ith the UWI (Mona) panside, Playboys? But I wonder if he considered learning the national anthem on the "national instrument" to play for Obama or any of the delegates. Somehow I doubt it.

As a Trini in The Bahamas I was able to link via the local TV stations as well as on an online stream and 2 other cable channels - as a matter of media descretion I have not mentioned the names. However the opening cultural show was a blast - and yes the steelpan was well represented if even for 2 - 3 minutes within the grand presentation. It highlighted pan 'round the neck' with Prof Philmore in the limelight. I was truly proud of T&T for hosting such a 1st world forum in what is classed a 3rd world country - but we know better than that! Big up - McFarlane for the all-inclusive cultural presentation. I have followed up on other online links and by way of photos and other articles, the steel pan was heavily highlighted. Once the Summit dust has settled we will be sure to read and hear more on the topic. By the way if you want the online links to T&T (esp. to my counterparts in Brasil) drop me a line via my inbox! :o)
it was great but everything was pre recorded and miming and making as if was the order of the day - - this was neceesary to fit all these performers and segments into 45 mins - macfarlane is great at this - new wave minshall - quite impressive - maybe even more so than the summit outcome - with only our pm signature - one day we will all hear what really
went on behind the closed doors - there will never be any total agreement in anything political-- ps was that reallt arrow ??? feeling hot- hot - hot - it looked more like a lady
The delegates were afforded the opportunity to visit five different pan yards. At the cultural performance on the opening day, Mr. Brian McFarlane included a musical segrement with a pan around the neck group led by The Professor. They played David Rudder's Calypso. This lead into him singing the song in conjunction with the Professor playing the song.
There was no single performance by any one band for any one leader due to time constraints and security concerns. Fear not , those delegations that went to the yards left impressed and they know how good the instrument is and where it played the best. I am not aware that Obama was in attendence at any of the pan yards nor would I take it as a slight because of the agenda,timeframe and security for the summit. Finally this didn't even make it on any of the three national newspapers top complaints!
Ken Professor Philmore, Exodus and Desperadoes played in and around the summit venue, and Prime Minister's Diplomatic Residence between Friday and Sunday.....several artistes, Denise Plummer, David Rudder, Arrow, Tony Prescott, Ella Andell, Machel Montano and others also had up close and [maybe not so] personal appearances....there was available action at some panyards, Woodbrook Playboyz, Renegades, All Stars, and in the case of Invaders, the Oval, which featured the hosts, and steel bands from South and Central
I understand that Exodus played at the opening but I know that Desperadoes and the National Steel Symphony played at the banquet for all the Heads held at the Hyatt ballroom on Saturday 18th.
The internet feed did not show much pan. How was the performance received by the delegates?


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