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Suppose on ELECTION DAY when EVERYBODY show up, FORTEAU declares that the pre-conditions for the ELECTIONS have not been met so he has to POSTPONE THE ELECTIONS

That would be a BACCHANAL to end ALL BACCHANALS. And with PANORAMA so close at hand, the only practical thing to do would be to strive to meet the CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENTS while rescheduling THE ELECTIONS for APRIL, 2019.

After all, the ROAD TO THE ELECTIONS passes through RICHARD FORTEAU.

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Marcus Ash: Ah want you to come on THIS FORUM and revisit this read:

"After all, the ROAD TO THE ELECTIONS passes through RICHARD FORTEAU."

Well FORTEAU came up with a more nefarious plan than postponing the elections!!! The man resurrect all kinda STEELBANDS from the GRAVEYARD and giving them AUTHORITY to VOTE.

That knock out MORANCIE and BEVERLEY and VALENTINE all with ONE PUNCH!!!

So is SHEPPARD VS BYER from here to the FINISH LINE!!!

Claude, as requested I am here. What I can tell you is no matter what happens on October the 28th, ONE person that will come out victorious is ME! 

I'm NOT saying that I am going to beat Khion DeLas, Maureen Clement or Michael Dinchong who are all in the race with me for education officer. What I'm saying is that I am currently writing a book entitled "The Lost Bet" which gives my story of the day when I lost a bet 16 years ago and the consequence was me having to do a music class for a month....which resulted to where I am at. I will be giving the stories just as they came from then til now so either way, all this that's happening right now is simply adding to my content.

Maybe this wasn't the right answer for someone trying to get into politics, but being a realist and a politician can become like oil and water....so here goes....

Yuh never know Claude, maybe the book might make it into schools and that might be my contribution to education LOL! 

Marcus: Yuh know that yuh have one big supporter IN THE WORLD and that is me. Ah just come back on THE FORUM and ah think ah see ah DECLARATION from your PRESIDENT. Now I gave my word that if she came on I was going to steer clear of the posting. So ah keeping meh word and steering clear.

But, Marcus, yuh could imagine how HARD that is for me to do eh, boy. The sacrifices I make for PAN -- and to think that I am the least PAN LOVER in the world. Dat eh fair to me at all!!! Ah political commentator and ah have to SHUT UP. Ah shoulda never make that promise -- oh well!!!

Well here's a compromise...

Seeing that constructive criticism both bad and good are welcomed, if you wish you can check out the candidates on her slate and screen them to see what you like or don't like and give your feedback...

NAH!!! Mrs. Beverley Ramsey-Moore took out a BEAUTIFUL PICTURE and had to give her a compliment on that!!! Ah does keep meh word so let CECIL and ODW and all the other FANS take care about their business.



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