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T&T engineer develops Pan arrangement software

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - In preparation for the annual Panorama competition, steelband arrangers would usually spend long hours at panyards perfecting their musical renditions. Now, newly-developed software will allow them to fine-tune their pan arrangements using authentic steelband tones before they even hit the panyard.


The software, developed by St. Augustine electrical engineering graduate David Chow, 24, can be played on keyboards and MIDI instruments through a computer. His Indigisounds Digital Steelpan sample (steelband software) library was developed with support from Prof. Brian Copeland, who received the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago medal for his work on the G-Pan, with whom he worked as a research engineer.
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David, Leston is a wizard is very good,, but "Boogsie" is a"monster" I have seen him obliterate piano/key players that are even better than Dr. Leston Paul at international venues especially when it comes to "call and response" and as he gets older he is even getting better and faster on the pans ...

You know, as a foreigner – if you have such an issue with how things are done culturally in the land of its birth, regarding steelband, then perhaps, you can bring out your own band, from your own pocket, and run it how you damn well please, Mr. noah.  The bullshit you have right along with your superior attitude smacks of idiocy.  Your comments are idiotic.  When Boogsie scrapped Anise Hadeed’s arrangement years ago for Phase II and delivered a fresh arrangement of his own it was within a few days, not an entire ‘panorama season’ and when CASYM was working with Arddin Herbert, one of their peeves was that he did their arrangements in less than two weeks, and sometimes the bulk of the arrangement was in one week.  And with that they still managed to place in the top three consistently and even win.


The jackassedness you write is typical of someone who wants to re-write what and how the ‘natives’ do things.  People actually look forward to their panorama season, the nights in the yard, and limes and the community spirit is there; it is a cultural activity where people of all ages bond together, fight to get the tune together and then try to win panorama together in spite of everything.  It is not simply about get to panorama and win in the shortest time possible, even though everyone does want to win, but is also about the road getting there.  So don’t just look forward to the day where the Panorama season runs according to Noah, go do your own thing, but for those of us who look forward to our weeks of panorama liming in the Panyard, learning the tune, coming there and hearing “boy’ the arranger take out dat part, and wey he put in real SWEET, boy” – get lost.

Reply by Noah on October 7, 2012 at 12:48pm   

Finale... Sibelius... arrangers have been using them for years...

The days of spending long hours in the yard for weeks on end while the arranger pulls inspiration from the cosmos and figures out the song in the yard on the player's own time is over. More and more are turning to software to do that task at home.

I look forward to the day when the up and coming generation of arrangers, the majority of whom already use software to arrange, will effect change on the panorama season so instead of it taking weeks for a band to learn a tune, it could be done in a week and a half. Then the season can be shortened, thus saving a lot of man-hours on the part of players. There is no need to have 3-4 weeks between prelims and finals, especially when a lot of bands just stop practicing completely for that week right after semis.

Congratulations.I hope that what you have created surpasses what is already out in the field or at least spurs your imagination and skill to take this further. It is wonderful to know that our youth are turning their genius, training and skills onto our indigenous culture. I applaud and support you.

Thank you Jennifer. Let's not just say "that out there already" Let's hear it first and then give an opinion.

So what is the consensus: Did he invent something new or copy something old? Electronic Genius or Mimic Man?

Mimic man or not, at least he is bringing this type of stuff to light, a lot of people in Trinidad does not know about this, some are not even computer oriented, lets not pull the man down but to praise him for his effort

I want to know if Mimic Man is arranging for panorama 2013, there is big money in panorama.you know.

Hello Bede Lopez

Thank you for the comments!
Much appreciated! I only wish to showcase steelpan on a different format for music producers/ Digitally inclined arrangers. While all being created from trinidad and tobago. I worked carefully with the tuners and a few pan players as to what they wanted. The data was then used to create the Indigisounds Steelpan Sample Library.
you can get more information @ www. indigisounds.com 


Hello Claude Gonzales

you can say it's a mimic... to a point, however, the wish was to create a product out of trinidad that we can all be proud of.

Kind Regards

David Chow

I am very sorry David Chow, did not mean it, I do respect what you have done, sorry to tie you up into panorama. The bottom line is to create music and I give you your credit for this creativity.


Hi Patick

That's ok, I prefer to leave the creativity with the real bosses.
Actually, Leston Paul will be in-coperating some of the Indigisounds steelpan samples in some pan songs for 2k13!

Stay Tuned

Kind Regards

Hello Jennifre Ire

Thank you for the comments! Much appreciated

Kind Regards
David Chow


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