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Terri Lyons, daughter of Siuperblue, is the new Calypso Monarch

Terri Lyons, daughter of Siuperblue, is the new Calypso Monarch

Terri Lyons is the Calypso Monarch of 2020.

Lyons, daughter of the legendary Austin Lyons aka Superblue, won the prestigious title last night at the Calypso Monarch finals.

Lyons won with her biting social and political commentary “Obeah” and “Meghan My Dear' in the first and second rounds respectively. During her performance of 'Obeah' she brought her father on stage.

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wow wow wow

Congrats. Always thought you had great talent and a beautiful voice.

What is dis???  The THEME for Carnival 2020 is about JUMBIE business, this Tobago woman name Beverley fixing de PAN ting and de JUJU Worrier sitting on TOP of the WORLD. Shadowmania in de place...

CALYPSO MONARCH 2020- Terri Lyons - Obeah

JUJU Warrior - Calypso Rose


Jab, Jab (Road March 1992) - Super Blue

Super Blue - Strange Things "2020 Soca" (Trinidad)

Well done Terri Lyons,Calypso Monarch of 2020, great performance, happy to see Super on stage as support.  Felt embarrassed  for former monarch Renaldo London should not be competing with these finalist. It appears he was propped up last year. Reserve Cro Cro would of beaten him very easily.

What Patrick? Yuh know about CALYPSO, too. Ah have to treat you with more RESPECT from now, MISTER.

Yuh know about PAN; yuh know about CALYPSO; yuh know about YANKEE POLITICS; what the hell is going on here.

She was a little nervous as she delivered "GO HARRY" -- she had a real nice version on another video that I saw (where she was dressed in all white)!!! Her second song was REAL WEAK though.

Yep!!! Renaldo London got propped up last year -- left a bitter taste in my mouth for the whole year.

Claude, Bernie Sanders getting some momentum. Later on today interesting.


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