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Thank GOD for SONJA DUMAS!!! I never had AH HERO in my WHOLE LIFE but I am ON THE VERGE of making SONJA DUMAS my HERO!!!

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This ESTEEMED LADY understands TRINIDAD  better than me. And I spend my whole life thinking that I understand TRINIDAD better than an any other "TRINIDADIAN" in the world.

One of my MOST FAVOURITE CALYPSOS in the world is "QUACKS AND INVALIDS" by the MIGHTY CHALKDUST!!! And my favourite couplet in that CALYPSO sings: "But like this art GONE ASTRAY/DEVALUATION YESTERDAY/and DEM FELLAHS have NOTHING TO SAY!!!"

Well: SONJA post ah MAJESTIC ARGUMENT last THURSDAY/and dem WHENSTEELTALKS "PAN LOVERS" have NOTHING TO SAY!!!  ... and I understand why!!!

Ah tell allyuh all who know more bout CALYPSO LYRICS more than me DONE DEAD AND BURY and leave me as the DEFAULT KING ... is not like the BEST CROWN TO WEAR but that is ANOTHER TOPIC.

Anyway, people saying that I am a RACIST and that I getting a BIG SALARY from the UNC to post RACISM on this FORUM. Who on THIS FORUM has asked the question: WHERE IS THE MUSIC more than me? And I am yet to hear ONE DECENT piece of recorded PAN MUSIC after asking the question for almost a decade. And I talk about PAN all the time on THIS FORUM even though I think that 99.99 PERCENT of the MUSIC IS NOISE!!! And out of the blue ah find that article by that MUSIC DOCTOR from Antigua who KINDA went down MY ROAD.

Man, I am so glad that SONJA silence all the LOUDMOUTHS ... ah on the verge of going and start a FIGHT AGAINST CRIME IN TRINIDAD and leaving this PAN TING for FORTEAU and MICHAEL JOSEPH and DARREN SHEPPARD to STEAL as much as they want with the PERMISSION of DOCTOR DOLLY!!!


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