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I was thinking...we all consider a "real driver" as someone who knows how to "drive a stick (shift)" or a car with manual transmission. I say we should also consider a "real panman" or a "real panwoman" as someone who could "wrap a (pan) stick", from tenor to bass. Anyone could slip on a piece of surgical tubing onto a stick, but "de real panman" knows how to wrap his own sticks. How say you?

George D. Goddard (Ghost), On the Art of Stick Wrapping. 

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I used to wrap my Sticks with the soft bicycle tube, or Balloon, I like Balloons the best 

Back in the day we went by Sports and Games and buy hockey grip or Bat handle rubber, in foreign I started using large rubber bands. I would like to know what they use these days.

I've always felt that getting the sticks that felt right, carefully wrapping your sticks - we used bicycle tube rubber- and painting or decorating your sticks was a sort of ritual.
I preferred wrapping the handles with electrical tape.

Of course, for the background pans that I played, the sticks were heaver
And that was back when we "beat pan" with pan sticks, not today, when they " play the pans" with " mallets".
I have always enjoy wrapping my own sticks with bat handle rubber and will continue to do so until arthritis kicks in my fingers however Duvone has some beautiful ready made sti

The art of wrapping Sticks is Being able to wrap the Sticks and to push that last end and not having  to use anything to reinforce it. That was the hardest thing, fellas use to come to me for me to wrap their Sticks because of that.

Thanks for the comments, colleagues. Glenroy, I like the sarcasm. lol. When it comes to defining what the steelbands represent, no one puts it better or as simply as you. Bede you are so correct. It took me a long time to learn to wrap sticks, and I had to rely on my pardners from Phase II, Bellies, Wayne Hackett, and Edme "Garzo" Gibbons (R.I.P.), to have well-wrapped sticks. Otherwise, I'll be playing and all of a sudden the rubber unravels, and I have to stop and try to wrap them as quickly as I can. I admit, I was one of those who were happy when surgical tubing arrived. lol. I have a connect in Miami where I get free tubing. (Thanks to one of my friends on WST.) I wish you all a "Fantastic Friday"! Keep pan hope alive.


A good Pan man always carry an extra pan stick in his back pocket.

Ron, where were you with that advice, when I first started playing? lol. Ghost Who Coudda Never Wrap A Stick! smh.

Some of us learnt how to wrap pan sticks as boys playing, because a necessary toy back then was the home made sling shot (we called it a "slinging shot").

Anybody who ever made a sling shot from guava wood , bicycle rubber and a good old shoe tongue had no problems making a pan stick!

yuh eh see is two clout you wanted?....

For the pass fifty years I've always purchased my sticks and rubber from a store on Canal street between West broadway

and the next block going North i an not recall the name of the street right now, but the rubber that they sell is perfect for the pans. Wrapping rubber on a stick is a simple procedure but it takes practise especially to tuck the end under the last wrapped rubber without getting your fingers caught under the last rubber.

Carlton, exactly! lol. That was my problem; my finger always used to get caught. lmao! Ghost.


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