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I was thinking...we all consider a "real driver" as someone who knows how to "drive a stick (shift)" or a car with manual transmission. I say we should also consider a "real panman" or a "real panwoman" as someone who could "wrap a (pan) stick", from tenor to bass. Anyone could slip on a piece of surgical tubing onto a stick, but "de real panman" knows how to wrap his own sticks. How say you?

George D. Goddard (Ghost), On the Art of Stick Wrapping. 

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George, that's because you do it wrong, all you have to do is roll back the rubber place the end under and roll back it back down, the rubber doh have to go over your finger.

lol. I hear yuh...Ghost.

Canal Rubber - 329 canal street..... Canal & Greene

I still wrap my sticks, matter of fact I make my own sticks, canadian cedar the preferred material it has a really nice feel .

Thanks for the comment, Oscar. I am sure when you make your sticks, they have a more sentimental value to you. What do they call it? Signature Series! ☺ Ghost.

I still wrap some of my sticks, It was a must in my pan class home you had to learn how to wrap a stick, then out here oh lord them kids in branches had me going, they refused to wrap they sticks  eventually I taped them so they would not unwrap, now a days some people dont even know how to slip on their rubber, till a couple a years there were two fellas selling a tool to put on rubber and got sales, another fella had a jelly selling and a rubber cutter lol, me an Mike had a big laugh bout the Jelly caper oh boy,ghost I eh callin name but in a certain steelband where I met u it have some people cyar slip on they rubber far less wrap a stick, doh call name I won't whistle

Apples, that was some night...EVERYBODY wanted to know who this unknown panman was, and I "shared licks" with Morning Dance that night. lol. I think that wrapping sticks, like knowing how to drive a stick (no pun intended), is important to learning how to wrap and drive a good stick! (Leh meh stop...) Ghost Who Says: Wrap Yuh Stick, young people!

Wrapping a Pan Stick is indeed an Art. One has to first become acquainted with the various instrument, in order to properly select and wrap the sticks for the specific instrument(s) selected. The end result is to ensure that the elasticity is consistent in the wrapping of each stick for the for specific instrument(s) selected so as to obtain the perfect tonal quality of the instrument. We must not lose this Art Form, regardless of what transpires now. There is nothing wrong with the surgical hoses but we must never forget where we come from.


Wrapped sticks voices the pan a lot better than the surgical tubing which is widely used.Surgical tubing reduces the volume on the higher notes. Many people cannot wrap to suit the different pans and 2. they do not use the correct grade of rubber which is 1/32 for the best sound.Although you wrap your tenor sticks which work well on your pan,based on the size/shape of notes on another tenor, you may have to add or remove from your sticks to get the best results on another. You will hear the difference and then know what to do. You get different grades of tourniquets but 1/32 gives the best results.I buy Fisherbrand manufactured in India, for Fisher scientific Pittsburgh PA 15275. You have to purchase from outlets, as they only sell to suppliers re medical supply stores. They are 1 inch wide x 18 inches long so you cut and use to suit.You get 100 pieces per box.

Most surgical tubing is a bit too hard and only work best when it gets older and loses tension.

Good tips Gerard.

Another thing bout Sticks, if you don't have good wrist, meaning if you cant Roll or Sustain notes properly, don't use Short Light Sticks, you will be hearing "ar pot ar pot ar pot" use longer Sticks, Short light Sticks are for players that can Roll.

Gerard, I have to agree with you. That is one of the main reasons I use as thin a piece of rubber as I can get away with. Gerald, this is what Dr. Lance was referring to, when he said some "Ph. D. material does be sharing on WST". (Now to copy and paste your post into a document. Lesson!!!☺) Respect and thanks, sir. Ghost.


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