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The bomb tunes of the 60s was one of the high points of the Steelband thus far, we have moved so far from that it's hard to visualize that there was such a period.

What have we done to the steelband in the name of progress.

Glenroy, odw, Val please take us back with some of the bomb tunes from this period on this snow filled Tuesday, lets show young people where the steelband went back in the day.

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in those dayes, the furthest the band from the West ust to reach, is Green corner, by Globe theate   thew were scared to com u furters,  just in case Toyko or Casablanca     swing ariund the corner, Bottle    Cutlas , man runnung over  each otherm you think itwas easy in those   days                       invaders coming dong playinh sweet swwet music,   Tokyo and Casablanca,  looking for the great EllieMannet,     ,  but one think, tho Ellie wasnt scared of them , allyurs see Elle dey Ellie was a forcer to reckon with,   them fellas was scared ah Ellie,


Bede just to signify his contributions and personal quality he's now Dr. Ellie Manette . An indication of his hard work and dedication so that today SteelBand is Universally accepted as any of the conventional instruments used world wide . To quote King David Rudder " Out of a muddy pond 10000 flowers bloom " .

i hear you Steve accepted,


One of the most significant aspects of the J'ouvert morning bomb tune was power. In those days we emptied the panyard of every single pan we had , so the term "bomb tune"  also reflected the "power of pan" ,and you felt that power to your bones.

You cannot properly present a "bomb tune " with a combo panside on a truck.

Also , in the old days , steelband arrangers took the time to find interesting tunes of different genres for their J'ouvert bomb tune , and made sure every band member could play it , not just the stage side.

Unfortunately , it would take a major shift in the direction of carnival and steelband culture to return to anything like those glorious days..

Haydn's "Gypsy Rondo " by Hylanders was another of my favorites from the golden era of bomb tunes.

Glenroy, I totally agree with your assessment. Although I cannot locate a recorded copy, I would also add " Rejoice Greatly O Daughter of Zion" by Hylanders.

Glenroy can you imagine hearing this tune on today pans.

Cecil: You just mentioned something that I have thought about a lot -- reprising some of the old songs on today's pans. I think there is a BIG MARKET for that if done right!!!

The 1960s was the greatest era for innovative steelpan music in Trinidad. The instruments might be improved because of technological uses in tuning and more types of  pans, but the talent are questionable, even the types  of selections. Well I guess there's no Kitchie  and Sparrow who dominated then.

some  pans in the 6s  were better than nowadays pan,   City Symphony   with their double tenors      Hi- landers   ,,  west side symphony with their high tenors,   

Don't know if Starlift playing the Beatles "Penny Lane" was mentioned but that was tune boy.

kaiso, Star Lift did play Penny Lane,I played in Star Lift in those days, they were the best days of my life, they also played Uncle Albert and change into Walk on Bye by Issac Hayes  that was the only time I was in heaven, never been back since. Ray Holman is ah MASTER.

in those tears Silver stars was the best recording band    with their bass lines


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