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The bomb tunes of the 60s was one of the high points of the Steelband thus far, we have moved so far from that it's hard to visualize that there was such a period.

What have we done to the steelband in the name of progress.

Glenroy, odw, Val please take us back with some of the bomb tunes from this period on this snow filled Tuesday, lets show young people where the steelband went back in the day.

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Pan Am played 'Valencia' that year. I believe Starlift played Hallelujah Chorus.

Trinidad All Stars "Folk Medley" and If I Were A Rich man" from  " fiddler on the Roof" arranged by Jerry Jemmott.

As Nappy said....BRING BACK THE OLD TIME DAYS..........

Gerard 8 hours on the road Monday afternoon, Steelband Street Party and Bomb competition is a good place to start.

In the case of the steelband, bringing back the old time days might not be as difficult as it may seem.

What was important about the Bomb is, it was judged on the road with supporters enjoying the "spirit" of the steelband.


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