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The Codringtons Remember Asami Nagakiya - Gone but Not Forgotten

Music Album featuring her Original Steelpan Composition


Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - It is just over seven months to date, since we in the steelpan fraternity lost an incredible musician and a great friend. Little did we know that February 2016, would be the last time that many of us would see Asami Nagakiya’s smile or hear her laugh, as she stumbled through some awkward phrases in our local parlance. Perhaps then, it is fitting that our last real memory of Asami, is of her standing proudly on stage on the night of Panorama Finals, doing what she loved. After weeks of highly energetic yet grueling rehearsals, she was again ready to give her all on our national instrument - the steelpan.
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I can't wait to hear this music!!! Cecil Hinkson is SO BIG on this group!!! I hope it forces me to take it to some of my music consultants for FURTHER ANALYSIS!!!

Well done Codringtons - Love you to bits.

Congratulation Codringtons this is truly a very special tribute and  may be you should give the Japanese embassy a copy for her family

Actually as the CD was manufactured in Japan we made arrangements for her family to receive a number of copies so that they can share it with other relatives and friends.

Ok Pan People lets support the Codrington Pan Family, buy a CD.

Way to go, Codringtons! Congrats! Will look to purchase a copy.

Thank you to everyone for your encouraging comments and support. This project was supposed to be completed earlier this year but we encountered some challenges along the way so we're happy to see it completed. The main purpose of it was to bring comfort to her family and friends through the music. From the comments of persons in Japan who already got their copy we can say that it's achieving it's purpose. We hope too to gain some attention from the featured track - an original song by us that we intend to push for radio play and international attention. Hopefully it can be a foot in the door for pan on the international market scene. If not, then we'll analyze and come back. Thanks again!

I will purchase my copy when I team up with this group again, for Carnival "2017"(LAVENTILLE SERENADERS)

So what are the responses to this CD now that it has been released?


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