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What a sad show - with WIADCA as the "Evil Empire" up for best actor and USSA up for best supporting actor for the role of "King Stupid".  

USSA you betrayed the New York pan community.

If I was WIADCA, I would not pay the steelbands for 2016 and 2017. They did not play on any stage.  And they sent the judges home. This was not a Panorama. I've seen better band launches than this.

So sad. RIP.

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Cecil , Sidd talking the truth. I agree with him wholeheartedly. Time for the gimme,gimme syndrome to stop.Not only with pan. This is the malaise of the TT society.Steelbands have to b run like business and the lowlifers who hanging around for personal gain and not helping the bands move forward in a positive way where they become successful entities, have to b weeded out. After the pan parasites are out only then would we b able to see meaningful progress.

Yes, Mr. Sherman!!! It would be wonderful if the "gimme gimme syndrome" could stop. But PAN MEN going to dey grave with dey hand stretch out to the government. That was some lifelong brainwashing they get from small!!!

Mi Amigo, hold it, hold it, hold it, we older pan men, NEVER- EVER held our hands out the T&T Government FOR ANYTHING, because when we were trying to bring the instrument forth, the Government via Police use to run us down, chasing and BEATING and LOCKING US UP, for disturbing the/their peace, where Minister Albert Gomez, use to tell the police, quote, give the kids a break they're not causing/making any trouble, they just beating on their dustbin drum man, unquote, therefore mi amigo, they were trying to stop pan period...

This was in the early 40s when he/Gomes use to live on Guthrie Street St James, before the 1951 T.A.S.P.O Mi Amigo....

Parliamentary Personalities - Albert Gomes

Sherman What I speak about here is allowing the Steelband 8-10 hours on the road Carnival Monday afternoon, let them sell their Tshirts and have fun on the road . That's it..

Every one that has some interest in  the Steelband/Pan knows it's just money going out  and none  coming in, this is not braking news, as a matter of fact it's a good thing the government is pulling back on funding because it's them that created the welfare mentality with steelbands and made it easy for unscrupulous individuals to profit off the backs of players. This is what Panorama did, maybe the time has come to remove it from around carnival so steelband can take to the road and make a dollar for themselves. We are not to be fooled by those that try to make you believe that the Steelband is a financial burden for the Government and Sponsors because the funds they give is a pittance This economic downturn in the Mecca could be a  blessing in disguise for the steelband movement it could be a time to reassess their role in everything. 

Cec all that is good but we need people with vision and with the interest of the improvement of pan as a whole at heart. Panorama could exist outside of carnival and be viable and very successful. The international festival which took place outside of carnival attests to that. Pan people have to think outside the box. I teach pan and live by it, been doing so for years. Bands should be charging people who come to learn to play.Right now people come to play around carnival time and for panorama. They learn a tune. That's how we have operated 4 years. Time to stop. Have specific training programmes,have given days teach scales,triads,proper hand techniques, rolling and strumming ,that,s what I do before I teach a song to my students. Anyone who comes to me wanting to learn tunes I direct them to a panyard. People playing pan for years don't know a scale, how to form a major or minor chord. These are the first things u learn when playing guitar and cuatro. Pan people are among the most musically illiterate people in the world.Everybody don't have to learn to read & write music, but should have an understanding of keys and chords znd know d letter names of d notes they are playing. Why u think on  ash Wednesday bands can't remember their panorama tune, because they learn by ROTE, they don't understand the music they are playing. Pan people should have a rate card like other musicians, showing charges according the type of event. We cannot continue how we going, we have to become more professional in our approach.

Not  hearing from JJJ the man with the most experience. He live and tour all over the world and T& T.We want to take the thing forward . U must have some ideas. Make some input schoolbuddy. LOL

Hey school-buddy, just sitting back watching and listening to the B/// S//t, these guys R implying/saying, U and I knows that word are expressions of thoughts, and everyone has a right to that, so I'm just implementing what the man Anthony Williams thought me/said, we only know what we know therefore, just sit back watch and listen, because when U stay rigid, hidden things WILL NOT reveal it self to U...

That's not true CH, Public Knowledge/ Public Domain, NEWS / NEWSDAY SECTION A Saturday January 9, 2010 Page 5 By Darcel Choy reads "Minor cut in NCC allocation, $32 M for pan, mas, calypso. PAN, Mas and calypso have to share a thin slice of $122 million allocated to the National Carnival Commission (NCC) this year, It is expected that this sum would not be enough to help Pantrinbago, the National Carnival Bands Association and the Trinidad Unified Calypsonians Organization, to cover the cost of their major shows, but Culture Minister Marlene Mc Donald said, this was what the NCC could only afford, and appealed to the private sector to come foward with financial support... I will be posting this article on WST so Y'ALL can read/judge for yourselves, all this was in 2010, and I know for a fact that the real total was $250, a quater billion T&T DOLLARS, they only admit to getting $122 million tt dollars, what happened to the rest OF WE MONEY??? do not believe anything these crooks say CH...


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