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So Pan Trinbago says players not getting paid in 2019...or apparently 2020 because budget cuts of $10M means they just don't have the money to pay players

Thing is......they should look at every possible avenue to ENSURE that players get paid.

Players used to play for free in the past yes.   But you can't just ups and say...well,,,,we not going to pay you now....but keep doing the job eh.   You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.   It's shocking to me that this is the decision the Pan Trinbago executive arrived at.

Pan Trinbago needs to explore every possible avenue to ensure that players get paid.  It's that simple.

First thing to explore:

There are too many bands.  PERIOD.   We all know that the number of bands registered for Panorama is significantly more than the number of bands that are actually active throughout the year.

Many of those "inactive" bands are primarily used as a hustle and for votes at Pan Trinbago elections.   That needs to change.

If the sheer number of bands are reduced at Panorama time, money will be there to pay players.   

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They were originally registered as a union. I don't know the status of that today, but they obviously act in some ways as a sort of musician's union for pan players of T&T.

I did some looking on the PT site and see this which is part of their general bye-laws:

(iv) Temporary

  1. Visitors to Trinidad and Tobago who are performing at the Panorama or Festival with a steelband, shall pay a due of one hundred U.S. dollars ($100.00).

...Notably, tuners, arrangers, soloists, sponsors, benefactors, etc also all have their own registration and dues structures...

Thanks Noah.  That's interesting and valuable information.

Anyone know if this by-law is being enforced?  And if so, by whom?

Thanks again Noah


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