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Skiffle Steel Orchestra changed their 2018 Panorama tune with five days to go before the Prelim Panorama judging. The results were fantastic as Skiffle heads into semi-finals in second place, tied with Phase II Pan Groove and just two points behind the leading Renegades Steel Orchestra. check interview below

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First off I commented because I noticed something I deemed disrespectful on a post originally meant to celebrate 3 arrangers. No one brought me anywhere as some sort of ammo for their argument. I have a history of voicing my opinion  through text, articles, and video: ie - my “They Don’t Give A Shit About Us” video in this very forum site. So please, don’t try to assume anything about me that you clearly don’t know especially when committing the same act of ganging up on, and assuming things about people that you accuse me of. 

No one calls them Yankees and I know for a fact none of the three of them tolerate disrespect. Watching them grow up, — and growing up alongside them (in the very same Sesame/Sonatas), learning their music, liming with them, are two VERY different things. 

And my name is Markus, see the spelling and get it right, or don’t mention my name at all. I appreciate it. 

Coconuts? LOL you need to find a different crowd to be around.

As for the others we usually call them folks from south, north, tobago, east and central.


bugs: Yuh leave out SAN JUAN. Doctor Dolly and THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ and Yours Truly are all from SAN JUAN!!!

Claude my head hurts.

Leave Doctor Dolly out of this. Rolly Polly will going to that resort club jail right after Panorama.



Sabrina is my friend. Even if she sprayed me with insect kryptonite.

I recommending that she and Markus G take over New York Pan - by in means necessary and replace dem old no talent - no can do farts that are killing Pan in New York.


Says who? Ohhhh.....you are a cyber bully now! I will be around whatever crowd I want to be around Bugs!

Sabrina I am concerned that you hang around people who call other people "coconuts". clearly we are speaking totally different languages.


Sabrina, you are a wicked soul.  Bug Spray! How could you?


I still love you!


cough, cough... I think the spray is taking effect...

bugs: last year Sabrina came on around PANORAMA TIME and she lime real good with everybody. So, it look like she had ah bad year and she ah little edgy this time around. Be nice to her!!!

bugs: Is Two Panorama Crimes SKIFFLE trying to commit!!! The first one is a SOUTH BAND winning PANORAMA and the second one is YANKEE/EXPAT ARRANGERS winning PANORAMA in THE MECCA. The TRINIDAD JUDGES could never let the latter happen.

So I am 100% sure that SKIFFLE will not win although they have THE BEST MUSIC by a mile. So BOOGSIE is the automatic winner with an arrangement that is going to change PANORAMA for decades to come.

Now they say that the voice of the people is the voice of GOD and the voice of the people this year all screaming RENEGADES!!! Still, ALL STARS have their POLISHED RUNS that fit their finely tuned PANS to perfection. So all they have to do is to wrap their seasoned runs around a few lines of LIGHTNING and bring on their SHOW BUSINESS and the SAVANNAH will LIGHT UP -- especially the LARGE FAN BASE.

Ironically, the CALYPSO TENTS are closing down just as the POP SONGS are taking over THE PANORAMA. The good thing is that both SKIFFLE and PHASE II put the CALYPSO back in the PANORAMA!!!!


Yea but Claude with these younger generation how do you separate the two. They are global. They have no boundaries or borders - they are Internet generation.



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