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Pan Trinbago President Beverly Ramsey-Moore has assured that there will be a Panorama competition this year.

However, she said, the organisation cannot pay pannists for 2018 and payment does not look possible for 2019.

"I have said to the general membership that we have moved from an allocation of over $30 million to 20 million. This executive cannot continue to put this organisation in debt," she said. 

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The future looks bright for Pan Trinbago. Thank you, President Beverly.

Now you tell me Michael C Smith /BCV.How is the future  looking Bright for Pan trinibago,? When the people who is

suppose to execute the product is not getting pay.

I guess you are one of the crazy one.How would you like to work in any company and don't get pay.

The future must look bright if they are exploiting the panman. I'd like to call it " Theft of services".

Who is fooling the fools at NCC and Pan Trinbago? This is why the festival has been dying over the years. First, it was the bleachers then the sales booths around the park now it’s no North Stand. This would be like going back to the days of the Green. Panorama; Kings and Queens and the parade of the bands look to the North Stand for the second option to the Grand Stand. Why would I pay to go to Panorama now?
It is just unbelievable the people who just want things their way without proper consultation. Maybe the next step is to have no savannah presentation for any event….Just use the road.


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