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The Judges Have Spoken - Do you agree with their decisions? - Finals Up Next

What's your musical take on the competition?

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Wow! Birdsong was a breathe of fresh air! The only band with a new, different, and innovative sound. This band should be in the finals. I am tired of the same old cliche' arrangements year after year! The instrument is being stifled in this fashion!

Sabrina, you are correct Birdsong have a new, different, inovative sound which is beautiful but NOT for panorama.

If not for Panorama then when? On that premise, Panorama should  be titled a tradition that is culturally aligned, not a competition! A competition is a test of skill or ability. We've been hearing the same cliche' songs and arrangements from most of the bands which does not define competition. Shows like American Idol, The Voice, and The X Factor look for new, different and innovative talent to compete. Birdsong along side Andy Narell clearly presented a new smooth sound. Believing that bands and arrangers should be boxed into a particular style to be even considered as a finalist is enslavement of the mind and contributes to the stifling of the pan.

.........in the finals  of what..??????

Birdsong's arrangement was on point and beautiful, I heard them several times and paid close attention. However, the choice of tune was totally wrong for Panorama. There is a criteria for Panorama and Birdsong did not follow it. First of all it was not even a song, there was no lyrics or artiste associated with the song and it clearly is not calypso/soca so from the time I realized this I knew they were not going to be in the finals. As a pannist I totally agree with you about the cliche bands making it to the finals year after year. 

But Ife, are you saying the so call cliché bands are not the best bands every year in TriT? You want to punish these bands for being good. Maybe it time for the other bands to get better. The truth is the big 5 are consistently better than the other bands. Just think about what you're asking. I'm sure you don't expect the top bands to give up their winning formulas so others can win.



Panorama does not have an official criteria other than what is on the score sheet, and the score sheet does not indicate that the song has to be a calypso. Secondly, the artiste of the "The Last Word" is also the composer, Andy Narrel. Just because a composition does not have any lyrics does not mean that it is not an official song. Even though this is not an official criteria, I do believe that the chosen song of choice for the event should be thematically aligned to the carnival season, and listening to the original recording and Birdsong's rendition it was fit to suit the carnival season. Tempo, strumming from the background pans, and the poly-rhythms of the bass were all thematically arranged to suit the reason for the season. Why should the same sound be awarded year after year? I strongly believe that this fixed mindset is what has stereotyped the steel pan instrument into being seasonal or a "canival ting."

AllStars Forever.. win or not they are the best.
Smooth is the only arranger who took what we would call non-pan tunes and made it an unbelievable hit. When you listen to his offerings throughout the years you can judge for yourself. Just look at the thousands of hits on YouTube and you could see what a master craftsman he is. Boogsie is good, however he has never done an incredible feat as Smooth to be so audacious to take something that the average pan man would never think of doing. Boogsie in my opinion could only arrange what he creates and nothing else. You be the judge he could never have taken Showtime and won with it, or woman on the bass or Doh back back.

All Stars music lack serious melody. Chromatic runs all day and night. If the music is slowed down you cannot jump to it, boring and sound confusing, same with Silver Stars. PHase 11 on the other hand is totally sweet music, if fact the tune sound sweeter jouvert morning as it it played slow version

You need to take a trip to the pan yard when they run the tune slowly and maybe you would be toe tapping to the sweetness that AllStars can make
There is no doubt Phase II sound good however what Smooth does with this tune Boogsie could never replicate, but AllStars could play any Boogsie tune and sound as good or even better than Phase II

Mr martin you are having a bad nightmare wake up



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