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The Judges Have Spoken - Do you agree with their decisions? - Finals Up Next

What's your musical take on the competition?

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Apart from die bands die music die competition ah see we still have public discussion about who is die best.Only difference is that we don´t just read it in the newspaper or just on the street corner.We are now thousands of kilometers away.People dis the one and only the greatest Steelband competition in the world "PANORAMA". I think it is expected to sound like that.To make we move.I doh understand how some people could talk about enslavement.Every band have dey own style and that is good so.


The dark horse in this competition is desperado
Desperadoes needs Robbie to add something spectacular and they could take it all. They have my support. Birdsong was so sweet. What a masterpiece

I was surprised at the frenetic pace All Stars played. They sounded ''base heavy'' Smooth also made some changes from the preliminary round..So too did Phase 11...Desperadoes did minor tweaking -without adding  anything...but did lessen the minutes from 10.32 to 8.45.With that in mind, they have the best shot to win it..Justt for one year, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ANDY NARRELL TRY to arrange a calypso[ even if it is an old one]- he is steadfast in his mindset of not doing one.

No...I don't agree with their bl**dcl*rt decision......

Deltones tune is too sweet and musical!  There are a few bands in the final where I'll be taking a nap or going on a toilet break.  In all seriousness, there are a few bands that I will Not be listening to again.  They're too 'standard' 'predictive' 'NOT SAYING ANYTHING'....But they take out Deltones???....as long as I can listen to it again AND Despers w  in      :-p

Wow Delphina you went in hard. I kinda agree with the spirit of which you speak, however we all know the drama in the rama is always gonna be the judicial system. But year in year out we still cuss them.
I myself no longer care about the judgement just the music. And there has been some great music this year.

doh worry about all stars ,will till finals


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