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Vocalist and Performer Edwin Ayoung Speaks on Pan and Steelband Panorama Music

Global - Veteran recording artist, composer and performer Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung is one of the most versatile and respected practitioners of the art of singing and composing songs, several for the renowned steelband panorama competition of Trinidad and Tobago. These songs can also be adopted for the New York, England and Canada steelband panorama competitions. For the upcoming competition in 2010 - Mr. Ayoung is set to rewrite the history books for having participated in more songs for panorama in a single season than anyone before.

In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, Ayoung reveals where his passion for the steelband movement comes from, and his dreams for the “pan tune” singer. He goes on further to explain why he thinks he is a chosen favorite among the writers of panorama music to add voice to their creations.

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Hats off to de lovable lunatic. Any discussion on pan songs, though, must make mention of Ray Holman, who stuck to his creed of having his band play original songs composed specifically for pan, and this at a time when hardly anyone else was doing so (Kitchener always had, of course, but that is another story). Matter of fact, people actually blamed Holman's choice of tune for Starlift not placing higher in Panorama, saying that by carnival time the tune was not familiar enough to fans to garner a popular response. Now Ray's tunes, from pan on de road to oh trinidad form the bedrock of a whole adjunct addition to the artform.
A lot of music,hat's off to Edwin "Crazy"Ayoung".


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