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Revisited - Clive Bradley: The man who helped shape the musical direction of Panorama

The Higher Level
by - Mrs. Merle Albino-de Coteau

Bradley was academically sound. So great was he that after being a student at the Gov't Training College and passing with distinction in his subjects he was recalled- this time as a lecturer in Mathematics. He also taught Math at the Catholic Women's Teachers College where I lectured in Music.

More about his academic prowess.
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"Memories" - Clive Bradley
by - Dr. Dawn K Batson

Florida - Since news of Clive Bradley’s death Sparrow’s calypso “Memories” has been looping continuously through my brain.In the pan world we often pay great homage to competition and competition winners sometimes neglecting and underrating truly beautiful music because it was not in the winner’s row. Bradley however, inside and outside of competition, was able to capture the beauty of the instruments of the steel orchestra and the essence of its players.

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Clive Bradley - The Man and his Music
by Robi Joseph

United Kingdom - The following is a lasting memory I have of the greatness of Clyde and his captivating music. This episode of my life is often relived when his music is played.

In 1998, Clive Bradley musically directed Nutones Steel Orchestra to capture the coveted title of National Panorama Champs with his captivating arrangement of David Rudder’s ‘High Mas’. In 1999, he returned ‘up de hill’ to his old haunt, Desperadoes. Initially there were mixed feelings of using Bradley’s musical talents instead of Robbie Greenidge’s but he soon changed that with his musicality. WITCO Desperadoes won the 1999 North Zonal Finals amassing a convincing 460 points with their nearest rival, Phase 11 Pan Groove, trailing by 17 points. Phase 11 continued to trail Despers in the National semi-finals but narrowed their lead to 15 points.

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The Spirit of Panorama and More
by Garvin Blake

I first met Clive Bradley in the summer of 1981, on Fulton Street in Brooklyn. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge and wisdom he imparted on me. Anytime I spent with Bradley was precious. From his insightful comments on harmony to his bold statements on the human condition, I always left Bradley's company with ideas and concepts to ponder for days, years, maybe a lifetime. He had one of the best minds I ever encountered.

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Clive Bradley
by Knolly Moses

His preferred drink is rum and coke, though he sips a beer in the pan tent this particular night. Standing a slight five feet three inches in sandals, he peers through round, brown glasses. Cigarette smoke punctuates every word of his flat, nearly monotone voice. And while he engages in lively repartee with band members, he does not tolerate skylarking. "You are losing concentration," he warns an embarrassed double second pan player.

At various times, Bradley has been a shoemaker helper, a projects worker (before it found the fashionable DEWD acronym), an accounting clerk, an advertising copywriter and a radio show host. Teaching however, is what he did longest and the job that shaped his personality most. " My grandmother always believed teaching was the most respectable profession," he says.

Music was another story: no more than a scrunting sideline. But Bradley was a hot new musician with plenty of ideas. "Clive was always respected as a professional," says Janice Ford, a promotions officer at the Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Board in New York. As a singer with the then popular Esquires Now Combo in the early 1970's, she worked with Bradley when he was the band's arranger. "He was always clear about what he was doing," Ford remembers.

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Mr. Bugs. You are so correct with your statement concerning Mr. Bradley, you have done a wonderful job in trying to explain to these doubters about the greatness of Clive Bradley. I think there are always superlatives in life- good- better- best, and as long as we recognise that, we will all be able to make intelligent contributions in a forum as this. Clive Bradley was without doubt the best Panorama arranger T&T ever had. He was a far cut above the rest. We have heard from past and present great arrangers as Tony Williams- Ray Holman- Earl Rodney- Jit -Boogsie and Smooth they were all great, but the greatest Panorama arranger we have seen and heard is the immortal Clive Bradley, its a no contest. 'Who have ears let them hear'.
We as a Nation Sweet T&T are blessed to be able to have called Clive Bradley our very own. He has brought so much joy to our hearts from his wonderful music. In our life time I dont think that we may see any one of that calibre again. His creative melodies has left us spellbound even to this day, and we are richer in the legacy that he has left us.
The authorities has done nothing to commend his contribution to the art form. I hope that the present Pantrinbago Administration would try to keep his name alive, by naming the the Panorama Trophy the Clive Bradley challenge Trophy and award it to the Steel Orch the wins three straight Panorama titles.
As much as we respect Clive and his contributions Why do we have to wait until our heroes PASS to honor and reflect on their contributions I agree with with Mr Young Jit has won 9 times but the door was left wide open for Jit during Leon Smooth Edwards absence for 10 years We need to look at the contributions of Smooth, Boogise ,Jit ,Ray, Robbie and Professor before it is to late. let us honor and reward these guys for their contribution to National Pride with the 2m dollars they used to purchased the flag with
Under general news

RIP, Vernon "Smiley" Phillip, 8/6/38 - 10/27/09
formerly of Ebonites.


(@ Cecil Francis) Hello Censee,
How are things on the West Coast? My comments speak for itself.
If someone should place a blog on WST about who is, or was, "the winningest" overall Pan Arranger to date, there will be many different opinions. However, the one answer is Len Sharpe, because has won 16 various arranging finals. Jit has 11, Bradley has 10, Leon has 8 and Pelham has 5. Those are the facts. Does this mean that Mr. Shape is the best pan arranger.(lol)


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