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I completely agree

beautiful, love it

such lovely music, so sad, seems like they don`t even exist anymore,..

The most soulful band ever! Claude, if you have Caterpillar by Tokyo, post that too.

Just for you MISS INEZ!!!

Thanks, Claude. It's a pleasure to hear them. Too bad such a great band had to fall by the wayside.

loving this so much, one of their best pieces,this makes me feel so sad,I have danced to this and Pan In Danger so many times, really had a great time with them in the past..

Who yuh dance with, Sandra?

The great Carib Tokyo of John John Laventille, one of the sweetest bands on the road at 4 AM on Carnival Monday morning,that sound as darkness left us, and the sun came up behind the bridge by the big guns All Stars, and we chipping going, clear as ever in my mind still...

Sandra: All these "supposed" PAN LOVERS on this forum and they don't ever come on and express the emotional connection and genuine personal ebullience that enshrouded their psyche at the moment you enshrined in this post.

You are a real PAN MUSIC LOVER and a Tokyo disciple.

Come on the forum and tell us some of your PAN EXPERIENCE some time. A WHITE MAN wrote a HIGH RANKING book on PAN called "MUSIC FROM BEHIND THE BRIDGE" -- that should have been YOUR BOOK and YOUR STORY!!!

But it is not too late because you have your own story TO TELL!!!


That`s true, so late for me now,tomorrow night I will be back, yes I am a pan fanatic not just Tokyo,I am close to all the bands in both Trinidad and Tobago I am a pan jumbie,every one in the pan world knows me, I LOVE PAN, it`s my life...


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