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personally, after the 1969 Panorama, I have NEVER heard a good panorama tune played since, after Panam North Stars, Guinness Cavaliers, Witco Desperadoes, Solo Harmonites, and Angostura Starlift, to this day, panorama music has rapidly deteriorated, to Density and or Noise, don't forget me wrong or misunderstand me fellars, I'm speaking about MUSIC guy's, MUSIC not jumping up and dancing, but the MUSICAL STRUCTURE OF IT ALL, intro, verse and chorus, changing keys, counter melody's etc etc etc...

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odw, you are a Gentleman.

Jordano,I have to laugh. You handed me a call card identifying yourself as a tuner and offered to help and I said the band would not allow it. Again you are lying and trying to impress the forum. 1976 I was nowhere around pan tuning and was out of the country when that unfortunate fire took place. The last sentence in your reply shows the need for a psychologist to prescribe Zoloft for your use. It will help you. We don't want to lose such a "knowledgable" all round panman on this forum, as we need you around to come back and tell us when next you hear a good panorama tune.


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