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The Pan bet between Prime Minister Patrick Manning & Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves

Trinidad Newsday

..Gonsalves lightened the atmosphere in the cathedral when he told the congregation of a bet he made with Manning regarding a tenor pan he used to play when they were students. He said Manning thought the pan had 27 notes but he told Manning the pan had 28 notes with “an F sharp” in the middle. Gonsalves said Manning started to argue with him and “told me he will bet me an oilfield” to prove he was right. 

“So I said, well the bet is on,” he said, recalling that he advised Manning to consult a local steelband leader, Gonsalves said Manning subsequently called him and confirmed he was right. 

The congregation laughed when Gonsalves said he told Manning, “I coming for my oilfield.” Gonsalves said Manning laughed and told him, “that bet is unenforceable in contract.” He also said as students in Jamaica, both Manning and himself, were tear-gassed by the police and army when they participated in a student protest against the Jamaican government’s decision to debar Guyanese political activist, Walter Rodney from entering Jamaica. Gonsalves said while that was not the last time he was tear-gassed, “it was Patrick’s last.” Waxing biblical, Gonsalves said Manning was unfairly criticised for his achievements, and some of those critics were the very same people Manning had helped

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Hello Mr(?) Z Rowe

Thanks for posting this wonderful picture with Patrick Manning playing in a steelband.
Great for the TT Pan historical record.


A first review of that manning picture indicates:
Date: 1968
Steelband: UWI Panoriddim Steel Orchestra, Mona, Jamaica. [Possible]

Though I am not so sure that the guess for the steelband name is correct,
as although the picture indicates a partial name beginning with a supposed 'P',
the rest of the name is absent, and the bits of the letters that follow,
do not quite match up with the expected 'Panoriddim'.

Could you kindly supply any further information about this name;
Any idea to the 'name' of the player(s) next to Manning?

Best regards - tobagojo

1968 - Pan History - Former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago & panist Patrick Manning performing with "Playboys" in 1968 at UWI Mona Jamaica.


Thanks Pan Times for a timely and informative reply.

Woops! Seems we missed an informed reply; as it was the man himself who posted the image!

If there is anybody else out there, who may know who the other players are; give us a buzz.

Cheers - tobagojo


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