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Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. - PAN Man - The Musical is the latest success story in bringing the story of the Pan to the stage through the performing arts.

Jahlani Roberts (left) as Lypo in The Pan Man - The Musical
Jahlani Roberts (left) as Lypo in The Pan Man - The Musical

Part history lesson, part musical, with drama and comic relief. The Pan Man takes the audience through the life challenges of the Pan Man. Through examining the typical elements of the journey of Pan from scorn to acceptance, the cast of Pan Man under the direction of Michelle Mannette-Gomez, reenacts the pains, the joys and triumphs, all experienced directly and indirectly with the artform.

In his acting debut as Lypo the Pan Man, panist Jahlani Roberts gives a credible performance that showcases his deft pan playing skills, as well as puts him on the road to becoming much more than a panist - a triple threat (acting, performing and singing). Veteran actress Karen Holder knocks it out of the park with an awesome performance as the mother of Lypo, reprising her role from the original Pan Man presentation back in 2010. Holder’s wide range of captivating scenes as the glue which holds her family together allowed the audience to experience several emotional rollercoasters, including those representative of what the Pan Man lived in the early years of the art form.

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