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Can someone tell us how it is sliced, what percentage goes to the players, the most important people in the event. It is evident that many feel that they are not adequately compensated. Do they make a profit from Panorama? Players today are more informed and look at others making money and want answers as to why they only get the crumbs that's left over.   

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Everybody involve with Pan in T&T today know Panorama is when the money running so they are positioning themselves to get piece of the action

Panorama sure is ah Pimpers Paradise, everybody but the pan man make ah dollar.

Arrangers with their ability are allowed to arrange for more than one band, negotiate their salary, and  everyone is cool with that.   No fuss.

On the other hand some talented players, with the ability to learn more than one Panorama tunes are called names when they chose to play with more than one band.   

This is very unfair.    You are doing your best to revive "The Pan Players Union of TnT"

How can Players profit more from Panorama???????

The real question is, how can panorama profit more from panorama? Must answer that first.

We must find out what the whole PIE comprise of.

Government subsidies, scalped tickets, pirated DVDs and half-full stands that's what. Figure that out before promising players a living.

No one promising players a living, this is one event, it's time to look at what's the players come away with.


Cecil: Except for the CRACK SHOTS the PAN MEN are not a part of the FINANCIAL EQUATION that is PANORAMA.

Claude, that's my point, Pan Men MUST be a part of the EQUATION...

Oh Lord!!! When I see a dedicated, life-long, ultra-informed PAN LOVER like NOAH taking such a DISAPPOINTED TONE  with the PANORAMA SITUATION today -- ah know that WATER MORE THAN FLOUR, FOR SURE!!!


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