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I was happy to see that KEITH DIAZ showed up to pay his respects to CURTIS PIERRE.

In general, I thought that the MEDIA COVERAGE was scant and very little appreciation was expressed for the GREAT CONTRIBUTION that CURTIS PIERRE made to the WORLD OF PAN

CURTIS PIERRE expanded the PLAYING FIELD for PAN at a crucial juncture in its development and social acceptance. That contribution cannot be QUANTIFIED, so many may choose to see it as NOTHING more than a drop in the bucket -- for reasons that are obvious to objective observers of the society and STEELBAND MOVEMENT.

But I am sure that KEITH DIAZ saw the THE BIG PICTURE and showed up to pay his respects to one of the GREATEST CONTRIBUTORS to the STEELBAND MOVEMENT -- CURTIS PIERRE.

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Mr Martin Maitland sir, don't be a jackass, I Russell Providence was never measuring anyone's attire. If you cannot read and understand that is your problem. In conclusion, don't make yourself a jackass, try reading and understanding. You don't have to like me, or what I write, I don't live at you, you don't feed or clothe me, it still gives you no right to be a kakahole on a global forum though, and demonstrate your inability to read and understand.

It is brutal of your friend Mr. Hinkson to encourage you down a path which may potentially expose your ignorance. Sense make before book, and a kakahole will always be a kakahole, because shit is shit in Trinidad and anywhere else in the world. Try and learn to read and understand. 

Render your heart and not your garment.

Curtis would gave been proud of Mr. Diaz’ presence regardless of his attire.

I totally agree with Lenox Borel.  Charles Assevero, Plano, Texas.    

Right on, Charles.

A good man is dead.. Condolences to the family. I apologize for the lack of civility  in the discourse. Case clothes.

He will be remembered by me.  I am a former member of Dixieland( 1953 -1956)   RIP Curtis.  respectively  Charles Assevero, Plano, Texas.    Email:-   Charles.a@sbcglobal.net 


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