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The Ultimate Dis-Respect - Pan at Lincoln Center - Dead Man Walking?

New York - It appears that the future of Steelpan music at Lincoln Center may be nothing more than "Dead Man Walking." In what has to be one of the most glaring acts of total disregard and one of the ugliest insults the instrument has suffered in its 50-plus year history - Abstract Entertainment, Inc. (AEI) along with its partners BET and Lincoln Center pull off a scallywag move in broad daylight that is both traitorous and deceitful.

Back in the sixties and fifties it was common practice for album covers and promotional material to leave the pictures of Black recording artists off. It was a racist and shameful practice that was part of an era in the music business that has been put behind us. Now, fast forward to 2009. On Friday morning an irate, well-known and respected panman wrote When Steel Talks about an Ad he received promoting the upcoming "PanJazz" to be held at Lincoln Center in New York. This pan person who is very level-headed and not prone to emotional and un-intellectual outbursts called what he saw "malicious." We at When Steel Talks most certainly agree.

One cannot defend the indefensible. This was a deliberate move. It clearly was not an oversight. How on earth do you forget the pan image or pan performer on an Ad for PANjazz? You do not! Clearly, AEI, BET and Jazz at Lincoln Center are sending a message. They are moving on - and they have exploited the steelpan instrument, culture and people to the max from their perspective. Pan and pan people got them through the door, and established the show as a premier 'Father's Day event' - and now it is time to deep-six the pan. Who can not help but notice that the "PanJazz" shows have been well patronized and made up almost exclusively of pan fans since the show's 2004 inception?

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When Steel Talks,

This was a well written article and I applaud you guys for taking a position on this.

what next?
but right in trini jazz fest with no jazz.promoters exploiting the music thats all.we just need to stop going. but we still do.
I thought no one will ever notice, I'm not a misician but I know jazz when I hea it. You are so right. But like every thing else, we sit and allow things to happen, reggay plays on the street for carnival. Not one Trini seems to care.
It is a travesty!!
Very simple .Just continue to spread the word and boycott the show !
I will never forget the show two years ago when pan player extraordinaire Robert Greenidge played with these gifted artists at Lincoln PanJazz 2007 on Father's Day. It was one of the greatest evenings of my life. I could feel the quickness of my heartbeat when I called Abstract and I received front row tickets to see Robert, Ralph MacDonald, and the other All Stars again in 2008. Suddenly and with little notice Jimmy Buffett scheduled a Philadelphia concert on that same day. This left Abstract without a pan headliner. I understand it was a good show anyway but I forfeited my front row tickets and paid three times as much to watch Robert play from afar in the pouring rain at Citizen's Bank park. A forgetable evening, for sure, as I watched Robert through binoculars and listened on a pathetic sound system made for a baseball game. Robert, of course, is just as great nontheless. This year, Jimmy Buffett has again scheduled a concert in Camden on Father's Day weekend so Robert Greenidge and Ralph MacDonald cannot perform at PanJazz 2009 again I guess. I'm really saddened to hear of these hard feelings because it must be disheartening to the artists involved. Their collective talents are amazing. I hope, for their sake, an accord can be reached.
In unity lies strenght. Until we as a people, truly overstand the forces ,we are against and act accordingly,we would be subjected to all these abuses and more..let's wait for their explanation, may be a spin doctor, would come up with a good one, so let's wait. there is always next year ,to start organizing the boycott from now. peace
I am so disappointed with the management of Pan Jazz. I make it a ritual to be present every Fathers Day at the Lincoln Center to be entertained by some of the premier panmen of our tIme -Robbie Greenidge- Garvin Blake -Liam Teague and Andy Narell just to name a few. When I saw the flyer for the show I could not believe by eyes.
It was a total disrespect to all the Pan fans who support this show. it seems that we are taken for granted, the only reason that we attend this show is because of Pan. This show only became successful because of panlovers, ninety percent of the audience are pan people.
There was a rumour that Pan great Mr.Ray Holman was to be one of the artiste to be featured, dont you think that at least one Panman could of appeared on the flyer. I say it very loud. BOYCOTT THE SHOW.
Right...Let's boycott all those Pan shows ! Brilliant ! That'll show those dirty bums what effective planners we are ! Power to the whatchamacallits !
This an "undersight" another instance of blatant exploitation of the steelband's popularity. They have no shame and a boycott is quite appropriate.
When I got the latest email from "PanJazz 2009" on 5/29 - I immediately said to myself - something is seriously missing from this picture - PAN !!!! What is wrong with the promoters ! Pan should be highlighted not out of the picture - in fact there should be more Pan - In addition to the featured Pan Artists - how about a local Steel Band/orchestra - there should be more Pan! This audience is full of People who Love Pan - PAN is the attraction. Please Ralph Ramsey - someone - say something - this recent promotion - devoid of Pan - is simply NOT acceptable. I love Ray and Othello - so I will still attend - but someone better say and do something asap. Pan People are Passionate - don't mess with us. If you are going to promote Pan - than provide Pan, showcase the instrument. Pan deserves the very best, nothing less.


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